Monday, January 18, 2010

The CDM Has To Be Jealous

Over at the Complaint Department Manager's blog, he, in the past, has blogged about the dire lack of exciting sporting automobiles available here in the good ole USA.

Well, the CDM drives a Subaru "Stinger Missile II". Whenever this olelongrooffan sees one out and about down here at the Home of The World's Most Famous Beach, I think about his crispy Florida sunburned *ss.

Wait, not his actual *ss, just of him in general.

OMG, that whole johnleeisgayrumor is perpetuated.


Anyway, I even did a blog about what would happen to that Missile when it passes on as did "Stinger Missile I" and it can be seen here.

Nevertheless, in Rally Car circles there is a pretty well known dude, Ken Block, and although he wears a, at least to this olelongrooffan, pretty goofy hat, he is quite talented at what he does.

He is sponsored by Subaru and Monster Energy Drinks. Plus with all that sponsorship, he pretty much gets to do whatever the h*ell he wants, so long as it is promotional to the product.

I mean check out this four+ minute video of him driving his version of the "Stinger Missile II".

and his former codriver even did this jump on New Year's Eve in yet another "Subbey", check it out here.

But for all my snow encased brethren in the cold white north, this olelongroofan submits this as the ultimate in snow traversing transportation.

Yeah, a ton of sponsorship dollars, and some very creative minds, allow us all to

Celebrate Life.

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