Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Someone's Been Listening

The Complaint Department Manager, here, bemoans the fact that Europe has a lot of really, good, fun, economical cars that don't make their way Stateside. As a car buff, I knew this.

It has to do with about 100,000 different issues, ranging from exhaust emissions to safety factors to the US desiring larger cars, although this later reason is rapidly changing.

Now, it seems, BMW has heard the rantings of the CDM and is exploring importing diesel powered 3 series to the States.

On behalf of all of us, thanks CDM.

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Complaint Department Manager said...

Thanks for the mention, ethanol needs to be outed for being a red herring fixit. I can't believe that researchers didn't piece together the energy deficit created by making ethanol not to mention the addition of ground level ozone produced by ethanol.

Thanks for amusing the ramblings of a frustrated consumer.