Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Saturday In The Life Of This olelongrooffan

Well, Counters, this olelongrooffan has had a bunch of What I Saw Today posts recently and I thought it was time for one of my rambling all over the place kind of posts so feel free to refresh that iced beverage and get back when you have the chance. I'm not going anywhere soon.

So, welcome back. Hey NotSoLilJim! Is that a PBR you're drinking there?

If you have been Counting Along With Me, you'll remember this olelongrooffan has been without steady employment for over two years. Yeah, I've met up with my buddy, Manuel Labor, once in a while but that has been it. And based on the day I had surfing these tubes for employment on Friday, that ain't gonna change anytime soon. Come on Hope and Change!

As a result of this situation, I'll pretty much do anything for a buck. Last week, I sold an old school set of HOPPY Headlight Aimers, thejeepjunkie acquired, for a cool five bucks on ebay to some Hoon up in South Carolina.
.....Wait, gotta go see the 9:30 fireworks down by the pier....

Okay, I'm back. That was pretty cool. Every Saturday nite during the summer, the City of Daytona Beach shoots off a bunch of fireworks from the end of the pier out over the Atlantic Ocean. I can see them from the front yard of the Taj Mahal and it never fails to excite me. Not quite as intense as those fireworks on the 4th of July down in Rockaway Beach though......

So, anyway, last nite at Happy Hour with thejeepjunkie and TheGoodAttorney over here at the Taj Mahal, while we were enjoying an iced cold beverage and that ocean breeze, this olelongrooffan mentioned that enormous sale. thejeepjunkie told me he had a box with a bunch of shreaded paper in it that he received some parts in that day and to come by and get it on Saturday morning.

And I did.

While I was at thejeepjunkie's shop, this olelongrooffan spotted the test mule those drivers of those blank and tan Fords use to practice their "take out" manuevers on evasive automobiles. Yeah, Counters, check this out. Quarter inch thick steel bars and steel tubing completely surrounding this Crown Vic.
thejeepjunkie had it as they had blown the rear axle clean out of it and, to the tune of $780 later, thejeepjunkie had it ready for more abuse.
This olelongrooffan can imagine the fun the welder had constructing this Beast.
Well, in discussion with thejeepjunkie, it turns out that his shop was tapped for all of the mechanical repairs to all of the test vehicles, of which there were many, not just vehicles but also repairs, as well as the supply of 50 sets of Goodyear tires for this test session out at the Deland Airport.
This mule even has NASCAR style webbing to keep those Officers contained inside this unit.
And yes, Counters, that is one of thejeepjunkies former possessions in the background of the above image.

Well Counters, I have mentioned that this olelongrooffan will do pretty much anything for a buck these days and that includes evaluating real estate properties for an investor out Californey way and he asked me to look at a few this weekend. So, after leaving thejeepjunkie's shop, I ventured out and checked out some of them.

Yeah, some of them were nicer than others and I let him know that.

So, after heading back to the Taj Mahal and getting a blog together for Saleem, this olelongrooffan was just lounging around watching the 24 Hours of Lemans on my backup laptop and checking out the blogs I follow on my primary, waiting on this. Yeah, this olelongrooffan loves having the inside scoop.

Suddenly, around 4:30, the massive communications system here at the Taj Mahal lights up. It is thejeepjunkie.

Whatca doin' longroof?

And I tell him.

Up for a ride on the beach?


Well, longroof, pack a cooler and I'll be right there.

I did and he was.

So we got down to my beach and thejeepjunkie couldn't resist playing in the surf.

Well, he returned, picked me up and we cruised on down that beach just enjoying the breeze, the view and laughing at the hoons who chose to grace us with their presence this Chamber of Commerce type of day.

And much like this day, we got to see some Sl-Ocalians stuck in a Mustang on the beach.
And, of course, thejeepjunkie had to go supervise help.
So, he got those kids out while I sat, comfortably, well as comfortably as a 6'1" guy can, in the front seat of that 64 year old means of transportation.
And we continued along, just marveling at the mass of humanity and their antics on the beach trying to beat the rising tide.
Did I mention it was Chamber of Commerce type of day?
And yes, Counters, all kinds of vehicles are allowed on our beach, just not overnite.
And as we were cruisin' along, thejeepjunkie spots this quintet along the shoreline, gathered for a photo shoot.
As this olelongrooffan was getting this image, I didn't see what they were looking at until I took my eye away from the viewfinder.
Still not sure what the photo shoot was for but sure glad we got to experience it.

So we cruised on up the beach into the four wheel drive only, due to soft sand, section between the Cardinal Drive and Granada Boulevard accesses, helped some Hoons from over in MickeyMouseLand get their 2WD Colorado unstuck, only to watch them get stuck again. Reported it to the Beach Patrol and we headed back to the Taj Mahal for another cold one and thejeepjunkie headed on back to thesungoddess's house.

Hey jeepjunkie, thanks for having me along for the ride while we did our best to
Celebrate Life.


d5thouta5 said...

As usual it is always a good time hanging out with you....nice little drive down the beach...plenty of things to see and to be amazed by....
thanks for letting me
Celebrate Life with you....

Anonymous said...

Danged if I didn't miss another beach run.........

one of these days boys, one of these days......


Anonymous said...

coors light... lil jim

Busplunge said...

nice post

kashgar216 said...

This confirms that the best things in life are free (or almost free).