Thursday, June 10, 2010

What I Saw Today

Well, it seems the Kid has made it onto the local American Legion's baseball team and thejeepjunkie has been working with him to improve his swing, thereby increasing his on base percentages.

Last nite during Happy Hour thejeepjunkie mentioned to TheGoodAttorney and this olelongrooffan that he needs to resupply that 5 gallon bucket full of baseballs. I asked what happened to all the ones he had. "Well, johnjohn, it has been five years since the Kid played ball and every time one of the local kids needed a baseball, my supply diminished by a couple every time they came by."

Cool one jeepjunkie.

So, anyway, he mentioned that the next time one of us goes to WallyWorld, pick me up a couple dozen and I'll reimburse you.

Well, in an effort to try and have a life, this olelongrooffan decided get out and about instead of soaking up my life on these tubes. So as I was driving around, this olelongrooffan found himself in front of a WallyWorld and I headed on in to pick up those much desired baseballs.

On the way back to the Taj Mahal, I decided to treat myself to a couple of those fifty-nine cent tacos over at Taco Bell.

This olelongrooffan pulled my oleragtop into the parking lot and I sighted my What I Saw Today subject.

A 1930 Model A pickup street rod.

Now, if you have Counting Along With Me, you will remember the other Model A pickup I saw a couple weeks ago.
The other one is in alot different condition than this rod is.
I had originally planned on doing a drive by of this place and head back Beachside but, as this place was not crowded at all, I decided to eat inside that chain restaurant.
I got inside, looked around and spotted the lone guy who I figured to be the owner, ordered up those tacos and a glass of water and head over to a table near that dude.
Of course, I struck up a conversation with the guy who is the owner.

But first, I have to share this with you. The owner of this truck and the owner of the other Model A live about two blocks apart over on Ridgewood Avenue, just around the corner from TheGoodAttorney's home and I see this truck parked in his driveway every time I go by his house.

Anyway, as I struck up a conversation with him, I mentioned it was ironic those two lived so close together. He agreed and thought that was interesting when he brought his truck home after acquiring it a few years ago.
I asked him what the motor in it was and he replied a 350.
He was just finishing up and told me he enjoyed talking with me and asked me which truck I liked better. I mentioned each of them was equally desirable.
He laughs, mentions I should be a politician and then says, "Yeah, but mine goes faster!" We both start laughing and he heads on out while I finished eating that rare not home cooked meal.

Later, once this olelongrooffan was Beachside on Granada Boulevard, a van in front of me turned off the street and I spotted a Celebrate Life magnet on the rear of this new Beetle.
Yeah, Counters, these days it doesn't take a lot of things to allow this olelongrooffan to

Celebrate Life.

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Horse-farmer said...

Nice toy,

a lot of the Ford rigs have the chevy 350 or 305 due to the placement of the oil filter.
Ford engines put the filter in the way of the steering box..

just a tid bit of info to overload your brain with...

I'd take either one.......

nah, I'll stay with the Bronco