Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Birthday

and not just to TheGoodAttorney, although on this date in 1963 he was brought into this world. That's right Counters, the same year as my olestationbus!

But no Counters, this blog is about another birthday, one that occurred on June 29, 1956. Because, TheGoodAttorney, thejeepjunkie and this olelongrooffan just aren't into celebrating our birthdays these days, after all, we Celebrate Life every day and you should too.

Now, I am sure you Counters are wondering whose birthday we celebrate this warm, at least for this olelongrooffan, Chamber of Commerce kind of day?

If you Counters out there remember, this olelongrooffan takes pride in the fact that I am able to traverse the countryside and seldom have the need to travel on the Eisenhour Highway System.

I have blogged about it many, many times.

Well, Counters, today is the birthday of the signing of the Federal-Aid Highway Act on June 29, 1956.

Yeah, this olelongrooffan is confident this has absolutely no significance in your life but I happen to find it quite interesting. H*ll, even my friends at Happy Hour here at the Taj Mahal thought it was quite fun.

Now, even though this olelongrooffan doesn't traverse that Interstate Highway system as much as everyone else out there seems too....

I am appreciative of what the creation of this highway system has brought to our society and our automotive society....

I mean, if there was never a Federal-Aid Highway Act, would we ever see advertisements such as this

or this classic double page print ad such as this one classic in Life magazine
And although this creation was long before the passage of this act, it's creation was certainly done during the FDR reign and he was an early proponent of the National Transportation Network.
And, certainly, this bridge would never have been proposed without the represented Highway Administration Act
Yeah, this is a bridge over the Hoover Dam, which in itself was an engineering marvel.
I mean, check this out.
Imagine some dude, or dudette, sitting in an office and designing this in the abstract...
then having construction workers, following a detailed set of plans, actually constructing this
in the field at just a few hundred feet above the surface of Lake Meade?
And bringing it all to fruition on yet another span of the Interstate Highway System.
Just awesome, I must say.

So we have that Civil Engineering marvel.

But, as previously mentioned, what about the service vehicles?

This huge *ssed tow truck would never have been engineered if those International trucks in that ad had never been concieved.
Nor would have this one!
But this olelongrooffan has this to say about that.

If it wasn't for the Eisenhower Highway System, I would never have seen the World's Smallest Bicycle, placed on the rear of this minivan, probably carrying a group of dwarf clowns to the Circus down in Southwest Florida.
But, then again, if this olelongrooffan stayed on that Highway System I would d*mn sure never have seen this billboard
out there in Never, Never Land that most don't seem to have the pleasure of getting around to in this world we live in.

And, because of this, this olelongrooffan gets to, really,

wish the TheGoodAttorney and the Federal-Aid Highway Act a Happy Birthday and to

Celebrate Life.

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Anonymous said...

Great post...
loved the ad for the IH trucks...
Tell the good attorney HBD yof