Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yeah, This olelongrooffan Found Another One

thejeepjunkie and TheGoodAttorney love to try and get this olelongrooffan riled up about my adventures On The Road and my style of travel.

Of course, I freely admit that this olelongrooffan loves to stay off the Eisenhower Highway System to see what there is to be seen. I think it kind of gets them a bit ruffled that I am not offended and this olelongrooffan kind of likes that.

H*ll, even AOL had started following my example by, earlier today, including a list of ten roadside oddities that included Gatorland which this olelongrooffan had included in a post a while back.

Now if you have been Counting Along With Me, you will remember when this olelongrooffan saw the site of Patty Cline's fatal plane crash, those big *ss animals chasing me around the countryside, and the largest statue in the world of that infamous end of World War II kiss.

Well Counters, this olelongrooffan has done it again.

I present to you what is possibly the world's largest vacuum sweeper, spotted down in New Smyrna Beach, Florida earlier today.
And know Counters, finding this cr*p allows this olelongrooffan to really

Celebrate Life.


Busplunge said...

John, aka 'Olelongrooffan", I hate to say it, but this post really sucks.

d5thouta5 said...

And I totally agree.
This post leaves me totally empty of any comment other than...
It really, really, really, sucks..

Don't come back empty handed....



Busplunge said...

Just checkin' back to see if this post still sucks.

Yep, it still does.