Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dale Jr.'s Party

So, this weekend the Greater Daytona Beach area is host to the NASCAR Series in the form of the Nationwide Series Subway Jalopeno 250, the Brumos 250 (actually a Grand Am Series Race) and the Coke Zero 400.

Well, there are numerous events scheduled this weekend and one of them is the National Guard Tribute with Dale Earnhardt, Jr. at the historic bandshell down in Daytona Beach proper.

As this olelongrooffan is always trying to expose you Counters out there, hey kashgar! get your mind out of the gutter, to the NASCAR lifestyle hands on, I thought this Wednesday evening I would head on down to see what could be seen.

I parked the oleragtop on the beach just north of the bandshell, much like this olelongrooffan had done here, and headed south to the event.

Once I had shaken that Atlantic Coast sand from my sandals, I ambled on down the boardwalk, well actually it was a paver brick walk, and stumbled upon this "Government Motors" (okay, no further comment) rig.

Complete with US Government issued license plates.
At first, this olelongrooffan thought the National Guard was responsible for the transport of Lil E's show car
but then I remembered the Guard was putting on an exhibition or two at this event also.
Of course, the next hauler to come into sight was the one responsible for transporting that Hendricks owned show car from place to place.
Man, this olelongrooffan has to figure out a way to get that gig.
And Hendricks is sure proud of their association with the National Guard.
So I stepped around the front of Jr's show car hauler into a sea of humanity.

If you followed that link about where this olelongrooffan had parked, you will notice that area where all those Transporters were parked

Well, this evening it was packed with tons of people, both literally and figuratively. I mean to tell you, in typical NASCAR fashion, there were very few adults who were less than a biscuit shy of 2fidy, most of the kids were just plain ole pudgy and the remainder were covered in permanently engraved ink. Sorry about that Grandma.

But, I have to say this, nearly everyone of those fans were holding a refreshment beverage or retail bag from one of retail outlets originating in the Ocean Walk Shoppes, the host of this event.
Now, I have this to say about that. Any event that generates tourist derived dollars in this part of Daytona Beach, or any host town of any event, is appreciated by the, predomonitely, locally owned vendors and this olelongrooffan was glad to see it. Of course, I was also happy to see the el cheapo bottle of water, derived from my local Belaire Plaza based Publix, a Florida based employee owned grocery store, in the pocket of my pseudo bush jeans shorts.

So, here this olelongrooffan is standing in the courtyard of this historic bandshell, just a few hundred feet from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and it's always generous onshore breezes and I am sweating my *ss off. Trying to get some images for My Fellow Counters but unsuccessful, mostly due to the obtrusive wind blocking NASCAR fans standing eastward this scrawny ole man.

Now, even though the prodigy of the Man Who Made Alegedly made NASCAR (and I may not regularly disagree) was getting ready to come on stage to replace that local rock band, this olelongrooffan had to step away and head to the beach for a bit of fresh air and to, generally try to cool off a bit.

Well, while I was out on that Atlantic beach, Dale, Jr. came on stage to the delight of those enthusiatic fans and I was happy for them.

After all, I was closer to him earlier this year and he felt no need to perform for me, just to be himself with his compatriates in his chosen profession.

And, after he exited and the crowds had thinned, I was able to get some, almost, unencumbered shots of the
new decal paint scheme of the number 88, and Honorably National Guard sponsored
Hendrick's Motorsports entry into the Coke Zero 400 Chevrolet Impala.

Complete with front spliters
and rear spoiler.
As I was getting ready to head back to the oleragtop on the beach, before it was impounded, I thought I would get a few shots of the historic bandshell

and an entrance to the grounds from the beach.
Oh yeah, tomorrow, it is volleyball on the beach with Delana Harvick, who wears the pants in the family, her husband Kevin, Kenny Wallace, Matt Yokum and many others.

And just know, Counters, this olelongrooffan is just plain *ss happy to find this stuff and continue, along with you, to

Celebrate Life.

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