Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another Day On The Farm

One of my older brothers, thehorsefarmer, together with his family members, barngoddess, barngoddess1 and The Little Princess, live on a small farm in the Ozark Mountains of southwest Missouri.

It is a working farm with cows, calves, chickens, vegetable gardens, hay bales, tractors, mowers, big *ssed trailers, stage coaches, and manure spreaders..... the mechanical kind as well as the human kind.

On that farm are also a whole boat load, well fields full, of miniature horses.

It is called Haven Lee Farm. Like the Halltown Edition of Haven Lee Farm where this olelongrooffan was raised, it is a tranquil and unassuming place where noone is a stranger for long.

This olelongrooffan had a great time up there a couple summers ago and wish we were in closer geopraphically proximity to each other.

Like all Lee households and on a Lee farm, there is always a project, or three, going on.

Usually under the barngoddess's supervision although sometimes they let

this olelongrooffan be the "Straw Boss", but only for a short while.

I blogged about their farm a few times as well as the Haven Lee Farm, Halltown Edition.

My niece Sara has her Five Acre Dream with quite few horses also. She had thehorsefarmer set some fenceposts for her last year.

When this olelongrooffan was preparing those blogs, I always tried to find a humorous way of the sharing of the adventure. Sure there were lots of times it wasn't fun and making difficult decisions are never easy.

Unfortunately, on Haven Lee Farm this week, an extremely difficult decision had to be made.

I am confident a few tears were shed, there as well as here, for this little pony. Know this, members of Haven Lee Farm, you have been on my mind all day but can only offer my condolences.

Yeah, living on a farm ain't easy and you face reality every day of the week.

But knowing this little pony is in a better place and no longer suffering is a way to

Celebrate Life.

Sort of.


VC said...

Sheelah and I will throw the ball and think kind thoughts for ponys passed.

longrooffan said...

Thanks Vic, your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated by all.

Horse-farmer said...

John, Thanks for the good words.
Life isn't easy at times, but the good always outweigh the bad.