Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sticking in the Mud is a Family Affair

A few blogs back, I posted A Moment of Zen with the following photo attached.

This is the old Army Jeep that the bus and Ed talk about in their comments on that blog.

I remember this old Jeep, although not the specific time this photo was taken. I do know the four occupants of this Jeep are my older brother Bob, you can see him here, he and Jim bought it on some excersion of which I was not privy, his first wife, Linda, my brother Ed and me. The best part about having older, and younger, brothers and nephews, who are into our four wheeled friends, are the fun things you get to do. I can see Bob saying, circa, 1970 or so, "Hey, there is a wet, slushy, cold, nasty blizzard going on, let's go for a Jeep ride." And Ed and me, wanting to spend time with Bob, promptly said, "Yeah." Mom and Dad let us go, Bob and Linda show up and here is the conclusion of that excursion. How do I know "Conclusion"? As you can see by the tire tracks, we are rolling into that Model "A", bicycle built for two, Ellen's purple bike with training wheels,---and who knows what else---filled garage at 1822 South National, Springfield, Missouri 65804.

I don't know if we got stuck in that blizzard that day, but I doubt it. Bob never got stuck in his Jeeps. Well, once he did, several times, but that is another post. I always seemed to, though.

Anyway, about the title of this blog. As I mentioned in a few different blogs, I am not going to link them, if you got this far, you probably remember them, my Dad was an Editor of a weekly Roman Catholic newspaper. He also wrote a few stories, one of which the bus previously posted.

I happen to be in possession of a couple of Catholic Family Digest magazines dating from 1971 and 1972, each containing an article my Dad wrote.

Although my Dad was capable of playing a mean practical joke and offering stuff, only to recant when you mentioned how interested you were in that item, he, like the bus, could spin a pretty good yarn.

I guess, in the early 70's, Dad had not yet become disallusioned with the politics of the Catholic Church, as is noted in the following article he wrote and was published in the April, 1972 issue of Family Digest.

A quick note, double click on each image and it will reappear in readable format for our old eyes. Also, this publication is in double column format, so you will need to scroll up and down.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed the experience and my recollection of it.

A kuddos to Ed for reminding me of the existence of this article.


Busplunge said...

Ah yes, a 1952 M-38 (militarized CJ3A) is no matter for a septic lateral line coming from a house of 12!

James said...

so what you told me was true, you always got the jeep stuck but nobody else would. lol. hey, I think I found a cool car in 1:18 scale it is an old, red, 1955 Chrysler C300. it is pretty cool

Tom the horse farmer said...

Ask John and Ed about my first car, a 55 Chrysler four door, with a hemi. Ran like the bat of out......
somewhere I have a pic and will send to John when I find it.