Saturday, February 20, 2010

Winterjam 2010

So on Saturday this olelongrooffan was down at

and started seeing a ton of vehicles of the Volkswagon persuasion.

I figured it had to be Winterjam 2010 weekend. Sure enough, it is. This olelongrooffan remembered last year attending Winterjam 2009 and got a few blogs out of that weekend.

So, not surprisingly, this olelongrooffan decided to head over the the Ocean Center down in Daytona Beach. And, yes, the olestationbus was driven on the beach to get there.

Upon arrival, I spotted this beast and had to get over to see what it was.

It is a Nissan Patrol. Obviously grey market as the

steering wheel is on the right hand side.

It is rare enough for this olelongrooffan to have in my livery.

Most of the transporters I had seen here last year so I didn't include a lot of images of them but did find some pretty cool stuff.

This is the interior roof of an old single cab. Thought of the Bus when I saw this.

This is the outside roof of it.

And an overall view of that ole truck.

I thought this cool old single cab was cool. Bone *ss stock, just the way this olelongrooffan likes them.

Transporters to the left

and to the right.

This stickers are on the rear of a 1976 Westfalia.

I should get one of these for the olestationbus.

I thought this was pretty funny, but that bus was real nice.

This old Microbus was for sale. Asking price? $12,500.00. No trades.

I thought this ole Westy was real sweet also. Last year, Classic Camber had a pair of 60's era buses.

This sticker is meant for the rear of a municipal passenger bus.

And no surfing today, although there is one optimistic hoon out there anyway.

This black Vanagon was perfect, inside and out.

And this microbus was pristine and had a full sunroof.

The blue one in the below image has the rare driver's side barn doors. This was the only one at the show.

And the view from the balcony.

Parked across A1A in front of the Peabody Auditorium I spotted this old early Karman Ghia.

It was super nice.

This squareback was well turned out.

And the cool old transporter that is the theme vehicle for the event.

And yes Counters, seeing all these cool old Volkswagons really allows me to

Celebrate Life.

Oh Yeah, this olelongrooffan forgot this one.


Busplunge said...

The PvtRN and I used to own a 1960 Westfalia

The memory of owning it was far better than the reality of owning.

I couldn't keep clutch cables in it nor stop the clutch from chattering.

I sold it, via hemmings, to a dr. from Omaha who had a friend fly him down here and he drove it back from Springfield, MO

kashgar216 said...

That RHD Nissan Patrol was quite a sight, especially in Florida.