Thursday, February 4, 2010

Vintage Rides At The Rolex24

So, this olelongrooffan did a blog a couple posts back about how fortunate I was to get a ticket to the Rolex24 GRM Experience and, just to let you Counters out there know, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I got a few images of some past 24 Hour winners and I thought I would share them with you.

But, I will let you know, this olelongrooffan doesn't have a fancy dancy three thousand dollar digital but a super cheap fifty dollar Polaroid digital from Walgreens so spare me the comments on the quality of these images........

Enjoy the experience.....

a super cool Ford Cortina...It was so funny, a bunch

of "super cool dudes, in their hundreds of thousands of dollars motorcoach friends" didn't even know what this Cortina was or It's Place in the world of MotorSports history was.

Yeah, Posers.

And, how about this Sweet XKE?

One of the cooler Brumos Porsches.

Now, for the Penske contenders, first #6

and then #15

How about this #16 Mustang...

Now, this olelongrooffan must admit I am not sure what this one is...

but I do know this is another Mustang, and surely a game winner....

but I do remember this is a Lola

as is this one....I Think.....

And, Yeah, this olelongrooffan can still

Celebrate Life.

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Anonymous said...

That vintage Cortina has a price tag similiar to those Lolas, and a whole lot more history in the books.
thaks for the post tom

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