Thursday, February 4, 2010

Yeah, I've Been Busy Too

Just a short post of some of the events of this past coupla weeks.

thejeepjunkie called me to assist him on a "project".

Since his truck didn't meet the desires of thejeepjunkie, he contacted a FHP buddy to see if a trailer was available.

Yes, it was and the transportation of that Rover was complete.

Then a happy hour at the Kid's garage attached to the sungoddess's house with TheGoodAttorney and thejeepjunkie.

But on the way, this olelongrooffan spotted this early 70's Chevelle atop that car hauling rig.

Then, later in the week,thejeepjunkie calls this olelongrooffan to help him rescue the Kid's CJ.

Seems the Kid went over those CSX railroad tracks at their intersection with US 1 and the float in the carb jumped up and got stuck, rendering the carb useless in the propelaration (sp) of that ole Jeep.

Well, know this olelongrooffan and the jeepjunkie got the Kid's CJ home safely.

By The Way, jeepjunkie, where are the hubcaps on that ole CJ?

And knowing this olelongrooffan realizes those hubcaps are missing lets me

Celebrate Life.


Anonymous said...

You got rid of the ROVER???????

I just about had the Barngoddess1 talked into letting me get it for the farm....

oh well, a day late and a dollar short.......

but like John, I too am able to
Celebrate Life

d5thouta5 said...

sorry to have the longrooffan mislead you....the Rover just changed locations to protect the's former location's owner has couple of son's that love to tear stuff up...mostly my stuff...ask about the Ford Bronco I had for 3 glorious I moved it to Jay's house for safe keeping....still trying to figure out how to transport it to Haven Lee Farm at minumal expense....but I am afraid the golf cart would be retired as the little princess would claim the Rover as her primary means of transportation...