Monday, November 2, 2009

So, I Call Up thejeepjunkie

over the weekend.

"Whatcha doing jeepjunkie?"

"I'm heading down to Danny Wilson's to see if he has some front end spindles for the Kid's CJ."

"Oh, did you remember we were going to replace that floor tile for danthecabinetman at 2:00"

"Sh*t, well, I'll shelve this project til tomorrow. See you in an hour."

Thanks Brother!!!

So, when we finally hook up, we are heading down I-95 about 20 minutes and he is lamenting the fact that his yellow CJ2A has had a fuel flow issue since this adventure a couple weeks ago and the fact the Kid's CJ5 has bad spindles, whatever those are, on the front of that vintage Jeep and they needed replacing.

Well, we get to Steven and Phyllis's place and chip out that broken floor tile and thejeepjunkie replaces it.

Now, Steven, who was home at the time, is an Upper Midwest based guy from, maybe, Pittsburgh or maybe Detroit or maybe St. Louis, but you get the idea, a robust, friendly guy who is from a family of nine.

Yeah, he is Catholic


He, too, has a Super B*tch sister with whom noone gets along.

Anyway, we were chatting it up as he was around watching thejeepjunkie work chipping up that tile and this olelongrooffan sweeping up the debris.

Once the demolition was done and thejeepjunkie was doing that reinstall, this olelongrooffan mentioned to thejeepjunkie that the new tile had to be built up to compensate for the removal of the floor vinyl we removed under that broken tile.

"Yeah longroof, I just haven't gotten to that point yet."

Well, Steven, he just cracked up laughing!!!

"I was wondering how long it would take for you brothers to get cross with each other!! My brothers and I are just the same!!"

It was cool and that dude is a blast to be around!

As it turns out, one of his daughters is on a fast pitch softball team that competes with the one the Kid's sister is on.

Hope to see him around.

Anyway, we finish up and head on out to get back on that Eisenhour Roadway so thejeepjunkie can get over to theracedude's place to get that fuel system on the "2A" fixed so the Kid has a ride to school on Monday.

While we are cruising and getting ready to head north on I-95, this olelongrooffan breaks out my free soft side cooler and I pull out a cold pop for him and he says to me "Brother, you're the greatest."

Yeah, little things in life are sometimes the best.

So, thejeepjunkie starts again with his lamenting the status of his pair of old CJ's.

I mentioned to him the combined age of his pair of daily drivers, not including the "6"

or the "7" is 107 years!

See his yellow "2A" is a 1946, making 64 years young

while the Kid's "5" is a 1967 making it 43 years old.

H*ll, jeepjunkie, that is pretty old for any pair of vehicles. Of course they are going to wear out parts and go through carbs and spindles. But if you didn't take them in the woods, they wouldn't break!

We then figured out that between my oleragtop, which is 22 years old

and my olestationbus which is 47 years old,

the combined ages, in years, of my two daily drivers is 69!!

And it is knowing this fact and having my perverted mind that I can

Celebrate Life.


Lil Jim said...

1991 cherokee 18 87 s10 22 and 76 dodge 33 total age 73. Don't have the time or a calculator to add up the age of all of dads rides...

Busplunge said...


d5thouta5 said...

good trip and it took several miles to add up the age of the old cars...