Sunday, November 1, 2009

And Continuing With

the theme of odd, motorized vehicles, please allow this olelongrooffan to present this:

and remember to drive on either your stomach or your back and to

Celebrate Life.


Horse-farmer said...

You guys have too much time on your hands

longrooffan said...

Hey horsefarmer:
It's not that I have too much time on my hands, hell, today I

washed and waxed the oleragtop;

drove 45 minutes one way with thejeepjunkie to spend 45 minutes replacing a floor tile,

drove 50 minutes round trip to Lowes, twice, to purchase a water heater and then, on the next trip there, the pop off valve for it, and installed it in my 87 year neighbors condo!!

When you don't have a farm, a job, live in family, a TV or basically a life, surfing these tubes becomes your life.

Lucky you!!

Miss almost all my Missouri relatives and wishing you well.


Busplunge said...

I got this hankering to put a weed eater motor on anything!