Saturday, November 7, 2009

So It Is Time For The

Winter Park Concours de Elegance.

Yeah, that's right, another fantastic Car Show down here in The Sunshine State. I actually thought I had done a blog about my attendance at the 2008 show but can't seem to find it. That blog may have been done during the short time I was AWOL from blogspot before realizing I need to post images from Firefox as Windows and blogspot seemed to be feuding at the time.

So, a couple weeks ago, I emailed my friend, Kris, down in MickeyMouseLand to see if she might be interested in putting this olelongrooffan up for the Saturday nite before the show and attending it before her Sunday nite Calculus class down at the University of Central Florida. Yes, she is attending college at the sweet young age of....wait, I promised not to tell but know she has a year on this oleman...and get this... majoring in Molecular Biology!!! Yeah, she is smart.

So, anyway she agreed to entertain olelongroof on Saturday afternoon upon her return from Sl-Ocala and my arrival down here in MickeyMouseLand.

So, I rolled up in my freshly washed and waxed oleragtop and we were trying to figure out what to do on this Chamber of Commerce type of day here in Central Florida.

Since I am, generally unfamiliar with this area of Southeast Orlando, and Kris is such a bookworm, we were brainstorming for a way to kill a few hours before we would head over to hear the vertically challenged musicians we had heard during a previous visit to Lago, a really cool restaurant over on Lake Baldwin in Baldwin Park.

So, after Kris mentioned that she knew I wasn't really into shopping, because, after all, in general, men buy, women shop. This olelongrooffan inquired about the distance to Old Town down in Kissimmee thinking we could hit their weekly Saturday nite car show.

Well, after realizing it was another 30 minutes down the Eisenhour Highway System, and after just having gotten off of it, even though it was only 90 minutes spent on it from the Birthplace of Speed, this oleman just was not up for it. I was windblown and just a bit frazzled from a pack of about 30 crotch rockets blowing by me in my oleragtop when I was doing about a barely legal 80 mph on I-4. Yeah, they must have been doing at least 100 mph!!

Then Kris came up with a fantastic opportunity to Celebrate Life.

Let's just take a bottle of wine, some cheese and some fruit and go down and have a picnic by the Econ River, just two blocks from her condo.

And guess what Counters, this is just we did.

Down there is a linear park lining the shore of that river and offered everything God has to offer in the middle of suburbia Orlando.

Kris, after gathering the essentials for a great impromptu picnic together, remembered she had a quilt in the trunk of her Acura and, after loading that Publix filled bag of treats in the back seat, we were off.

When we arrived at the parking spot for this adventure, Kris popped the trunk and we realized she had forgotten that she had removed that quilt when she went over to clean out the remaining items in her now foresaken storage rental unit.

But she did, however have a couple of pop up chairs and a derelict wooden TV table she had placed in her trunk on her final voyage from that storage unit.

Hey, it worked for us and we headed out to that bird filled sanctuary along that Florida style river.

In the background of the above image, you can see that river and, in the distance, the jogging and bicycle path behind that split rail fence, across the bayou.

Once we arrived and got settled in, I lamented the fact I had not brought my trusty ole Polaroid along. She mentioned her iPhone was in the car and I went and fetched it.

Well, Kris was cutting fruit and slicing cheese, no, not the reverse, and I was attempting to work an iPhone for the first time in the 1/2 century this olelongrooffan has been alive.

You can see the preliminary results below.

Yeah, that is why this oleman has a laptop, a cell phone and a digital camera!!!

Anyway, an absolutely wonderful relaxing couple of hours, with a bottle of wine, a great friend and some grapes, pears and regular spottings of airliners taking off from the Orlando and the Sanford airports.

Yeah, some colorful birds and birdsongs accompanied this delicious bottle of Publix supplied wine.

And, as you can see in the following image, a wind blown olelongrooffan was having a great time

with Kris down by the river just working on our ability

Celebrate Life.

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Anonymous said...

Good way to spend a perfect afternoon, good friend, good wine, good cheese, and a great location.

glad it worked out.
weather here was also perfect

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