Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What I Saw Today

or, Another Mystery Solved.

As I was driving home from running some errands this morning, I pulled up to a 4 way stop just around the corner from the Taj Mahal and do a head check to the left and then to the right.

I spotted this smashed up Ford Tiempo, reminiscent of this.

It was obvious it was wrecked where it sat, but how?

Not only was the front smashed up, so was the rear.

Now, while the car was obviously not in the best of shape anyway, it was sad because the chances are this ole blue oval belonged to an elderly person who was coaxing its life while that person coaxed their own.

I figured at the time that this would be another unsolved mystery in my life.

At Happy Hour, I was telling thejeepjunkie about it and I wonder what the h*ll had happened to that car.

thejeepjunkie says "Let's go look at it" and of course we did.

As we pull up, there are a couple dudes out front of that condo and I ask if it is theirs?

No, it belongs to the old lady who lives next door.

What the h*ll happened to it?

And we got the whole scoop.

It seems this formerly near pristine automobile was parked about where my oleragtop is in the last image of this blog with one of those dudes

now wrecked S-10 parked behind it.

It appears some hoons stole a Ford Focus rental car up in West Virginia and decided to head on down to the Birthplace of Speed for some light hooning.

While driving down A1A, just a couple blocks from the Taj Mahal, Ormond Beach's Finest spot this stolen car and proceed to give chase.

The hoons in the Focus cut right on Cardinal Drive, yes the Cardinal Drive beach access is the closest one to this olelongrooffan, a fact I think is pretty cool. Anway, when they got to the aforementioned four way stop, they tried to hang a left to elude Johnny Law.

Read Massive Fail.

As you can see by the skid marks in the following images,

there was just a little too much oversteer at that speed and they smashed into that poor ole lady's only non-public means of transportation, propelling it into the dude's S-10.

Johnny Law promptly arrived and hauled the sorry b*stards off to the clink.

And it is getting a mystery solved for you Counters out there that allows me to

Celebrate Life.

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