Monday, November 9, 2009

Iconic Ida

Well, Counters, Tropical Storm Ida is moving on toward the Eastern Gulf Coast, expecting to landfall within the next few hours in the Mississippi/Alabama/Florida area coastline with sustained winds of 70 mph.

Oh, by the way, the way to remember how to spell Mississippi is this...

M...I...crooked leg, crooked leg...I...crooked leg crooked leg...I...humpback, humpback...I.

This oleman learned it that way about 40 years ago and it still works!!

Say it with an extreme Southern accent and it really sinks in.

And the best fish are always caught on a plate....

Now I am sure you all out there are wondering what that fact has to do with this olelongrooffan?

Well, a hurricane like event tends to draw all of the air out of a fairly large expanse of area.

Yeah, Pensacola, Florida is 442, no not that 442, but 442 miles away. And for the last several days, the East blowing wind has increased, almost exponentially.

At 7:45 this evening, there is an on shore wind of, according to the National Weather Service, gusts between 18 and 25 knots.

Yeah, it is windy as h*ll.

Well, I will say this about that.

It certainly is refreshing, even though there is a sea mist in the air that will result in a film of salt on each of my ole rides in the morning.

But at least I am not scraping ice off those windshields.

And that lets me

Celebrate Life.

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Horse-farmer said...

Sorry about the salt spray way down there

took off work early and played nine holes of golf today.....

actually better Sunshine state weather than the Sunshine state's weather.

but hehehehe the ice is coming