Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sometimes, Ya Just Gotta Be Flexible

Last weekend, when I was still in my youth, I was heading down to MickeyMouseLand to visit with some friends who were going to be in town for a short, weekend long vacation. I had planned on spending Friday nite and bum around with them on Saturday. Then Saturday afternoon, I was heading over to BBB and Debra's home for a much desired visit.

I had arranged with Manuel Labor to have Friday afternoon off but was only able to get out of the Birthplace of Speed around a Japanese dental appointment, you know, tooth hurty.

I know, my apologies.

So, I am hotfooting it down that Eisenhower Highway System and at that rest area located just the other side of the St. John's River, I stopped and called my friends to see where they were staying and then I was going to googlemap that location on, unlike my olestationbus, this trusty ole tetherless laptop.

The Guy answers and mentions they had decided to make it another weekend as something or other had come up with one of their grandkids.

Oh Well, sometimes Life Just Gets In The Way.

So, I started working on a backup plan when my trusty cheap cell phone rings again.

It is BBB calling to let me know he has to go to Hotlanta for a week of meetings, leaving early on Sunday for that 7 hour drive and "Can we reschedule your visit?"

Well, of course, because, sometimes, Life Just Gets In The Way.

So, here I am, more than 1/2 way to MickeyMouseLand, anticipating a fun filled weekend and getting ready to usher in my 1/2 century of life.

So, what to do?

Head back to the Taj Mahal and hang out for the weekend?

Mosey on over to some part of Central Florida to which I have never been?

Be totally bummed out because I was rejected by, not one, but two different sets of friends?

Well, those of you Counting Along With Me know that none of those things happened.

I called my friend Kris to see what was up in her weekend.

"Whatca doing Kris?"

"Getting my hair done," was her response. After all, she is of the age where that thing is important.

"Interested in some company this afternoon?" this olelongrooffan responded.

"Bring it on and meet me on Park Avenue in Winter Park around 4."

"Looking forward to it, Kiddo," was my reply.

And, Counters, know that we did meet up at a pretty cool old restaurant and enjoyed some good eating. And Kristina Joy treated this old birthday boy to a pleasant meal, complete with cold beverages.

Thanks Kris.

So we sat there on Park Avenue, downtown Winter Park, in what I guess is known as the

Winter Park Mall and just had a good ole time, talking about life, living and lovers.

Know, it was a blast.

Afterwards, Kris managed to drag this olelongrooffan through Pottery Barn or Williams Sonoma or something of that ilk, but all was well.

Later, we headed back to her lovely condo where she milked this oleman of his thoughts of my renovation plans for her place and we had a generally wonderful evening together.

As the night ended, I headed toward her guest bedroom because, if you have Counting Along With Me, you will remember she is just not that into me.

So, anyway, the next morning I awoke and got on this olelaptop to determine what we could do to enjoy that pleasant, Chamber of Commerce type of Saturday there in MickeyMouseLand.

Kris mentioned going over to the Ikea store to see what was up with them.

I suggested we, instead, head over to the Maitland Art Center as that Saturday was a Smithsonian Free Admission Museum day.

And guess what Counters?

We did


We had a blast!!

Some cool Confluence Art by three different artists displayed in a museum compound founded in 1937.

Yeah, a fun time was had by all.

So, mid afternoon, I realized Kris needed to get back to her studies so I bade a farewell to our adventures to head back to the Tah Mahal and let Kris study her Calculus and Trigenmonitry.

Stuff so complex that this olelongrooffan doesn't even know how to spell it.

But know my lovely daughter Jessica knows.

So, this olelongrooffan heads out, in an area of MickeyMouseLand of which I am not the most familiar.

And, luckily for me, I promptly misguided myself and stumbled upon this.

A trio of late 50's or early 60's Mopar coupes, or...err...tudors caged behind this 6' tall fence.

This first one is a highly desirable Imperial.

I think this looks good from any angle.

And click on the following image for that cool roof line along the rear of this ole tudor.

See that jumble of wiring on the hood of this Rolls product. I am confident it is in that location as result of Lucas wiring!!

The following image is of a Chrysler 300, I think I remember, H, a classic, early muscle car that is relatively rare and highly desirable to certain members of the cult of which I am a member.

And I love the deck lid of this with the ribs sticking out between those fins.

And yet another desirable Mopar product of that era

equipped with fins cooler, and more rare, than a '57 Chevy.

So, I finally oriented myself and got to heading back to the Taj Mahal.

Now, as thejeepjunkie has expressed many times, this olelongrooffan can take a 3 hour trip and make it into a 7 hour trip.

And this olelongrooffan is in total agreement, and proud of it.

Tonite at happy hour, he mentioned he is thinking of getting the Kid a new windshield frame for the Kid's ole CJ5 and it was located in Hotlanta, Georgia.

Well, I mentioned I really don't have anything going on next week and did he want me to go get it for him?

thejeepjunkie says, "Thanks, but no thanks, I need it before Christmas."


But true.

So, MickeyMouseLand is a short 80 minute drive down the Interstate from the Taj Mahal but, I am proud to say, that return trip last Saturday took me nearly 3 hours.

After all, I had to stop to get some images of Historic Downtown Longwood for you Counters.

The above building houses the Administrative Offices for the City of Longwood, Florida. Pretty Cool, huh?

And the below image is a doll selling shop.

And this old hotel, now a professional office complex.

An image of a parking lot light, fashioned after a lighthouse, just for the CDM.

And a clock tower for Jessica.

And a downtown gazebo, just because this olelongrooffan likes them.

An old church, founded in 1867.

A tade further up the road, this olelongrooffan found the antithesis of those old Mopars.

Lamborgini Of Orlando.

This place was filled with Rolls Royce Phantoms, Bentley Coupes, an Old Shelby Mustang, and a few exotic cars of which, while I recognize them, I don't know their names.

Just all around nice stuff but no so desirable to this olelongrooffan.

After all, none of them are "blue plate specials".

However, the really, really cool thing was in the parking lot of that, probably $10 million dollar sales lot was this

awesome '64 Chevy ratrod 4 door sedan!!!

I absolutely love it!!

So, a bit up the road I had to stop at Rockin' Ribs to get a shot of this

Roadside Attraction for you Counters out there.

And with special memories of Jessica linked earlier,

And I arrived back at the home of the World's Most Famous Beach to see these hoons involved in a traffic accident and, all of the occupants of those vehicles, standing, stupidly, in the middle of International Speedway Boulevard!!

But know, You Counters, it is including the image of this

Chicken Coop, just for thehorsefarmer, being flexible in life and having a wonderful 3 hour tour, lets me

Celebrate Life.


Busplunge said...

That pink Chrysler....Moo's sister, our Great Aunt Frances had one of those. I remember that the driver's seat swivelled out when the door was openned.

I know there are pictures of this car....and I probably know who has them...

Oh, happy birthday too~

Maybe she had a Desoto? It was a canary yellow I believe with a white top. I can't remember her husband's name.

Moo had two sisters--Aunt Odell and Aunt Frances.

Horse-farmer said...

Enjoyed your trip.