Wednesday, May 28, 2008

At Bob and Deb's in the Rain

My older brother Jim published this photo of me on the bus the other day and it reminded me of the weekend it was taken. My brother Ed
and I had the honor of receiving an invitation to visit my brother Bob
and his wonderful wife Debra
for the rare 4th of July when Ed's family went to the Ozarks and Ed stayed home. Of course, getting an invitation to go play at Bob's house is better than a visit to the Queen. We both joyfully accepted, knowing Bob will have a project for us to do. Such as build this bar
or this waterfall by the pool (cost me a big toe nail)

Well let's see, July 4th, in Florida, of course it is going to rain!! It was too wet for any projects so the three of us did the next best thing, we started drinking. Ed and Bob are both confirmed beer drinkers while I prefer the stuff in the blue bottle in Bob's picture.

At Bob's you are always outside by the pool and bar. He even has a flat screen TV out there, along with all the other cool stuff you see in these photos. The really fun part is he makes us pay for our drinks, with money he provides us and keeps in an old cigar box behind the bar!!

Anyway, the three of us sitting outside in the rain, in Bob Lee provided raincoats and getting schnockered and solving the world's problems.

Ed commented that he was having a blast even though the only part of him that was dry was his crotch.

Bob promptly reached over the bar and poured a beer right in Ed's crotch.

Ed's Beer.

Ed and Bob love to tell that story and I have heard them relate many times.


Busplunge said...

So that's what a tiki bar looks like!

Your niece Sara said...

A flat screen tv on the backporch? Hmmm...

Busplunge said...

Thanks for reminding me, Sara. John, here is how we do the back yard up in the Ozarks!

Lil Jim said...

While a flat screen tv on your porch does illustrate what your social standing in our society is, I would argue the superiority of my back porch picture on picture setup consisting of a 19" color tv on top of a 19" console tv (from when tv's were pieces of furniture) located next to the back porch beer fridge. While the picture may not be as sharp as a flat screen, I can watch the Cardinal's on one tv and Nascar on the other in full size. The only problems I run into is which one do you turn the sound up on and since the commercials don't come at the same time I anger my wife by peeing in the yard...

Busplunge said...

Thanks for reminding me, Sara. John, here is how we do the back yard up in the Ozarks!