Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Love Car Ads

TheNoNameDufus is lamenting the fact that

IKEA has announced its intention to take over General Motors.

Oh, The Horrors, The Horrors.

And although NoNameDufus brought a chuckle out of this olelongrooffan, I realize the car and parts included in the above image are actually of Volkswagon origin but see the humor, and, much to the vexation of the UAW, the nearly possible, realization of it.

And that led me to one of my favorite automotive commercials, at least in recent memory, I'll do a YouTube search for more, and that favorite is for a Honda Accord Longroof, although with respect to US Automotive Engineers, I think I remember correctly that it took 671 attempts by Honda Engineers to get the parts of that Accord to act as they wished them to.

But I do like this one also, maybe it is just the fact those hoons are in a Citroen Mehari, a make I recognized immediately, that continues to allow me to

Celebrate Life.


Horse-farmer said...

Two good ads

never judge a book by it's cover

got a chuckle out of me at this undergodlyhour of the morning.

Jacob Rodman said...

Two very awesome ads. The first one was a little bit longer, but it was very creative from start to finish, so no complaints at all there; and the second one was good for a laugh. Both were sure to interest people in the cars being advertised, however.