Thursday, July 23, 2009

The olestationbus Snuck Out Yesterday

Even old timers want to get out of the field once in a while.

You remember my olestationbus, don't ya?

I bought this on ebay out in San Antonio Texas last year and after that minor thunderstorm passed on through, I flew out, and drove it on back to the Birthplace of Speed.

The first time I laid my eyes on the olestationbus, it was emotionally pent up in this big red airplace hanger at a private airport just outside San Antonio, just awaiting its fate. At the time, Pierre, the seller, had among others, a 64 Country Squire, an 88 Caddy Coupe de Ville, a 70's era Ford F250, a mid 80's Vette, and to quote Andy Griffith, "I don't know what all", inside that hanger. Pierre even offered to let me take any 2 of his vehicles for the price of 1. He cared about the avaition aspect of the estates he bought and the automotive portion of those estates were liquidated relatively inexpensively.

Ya see, in the Planes, Trains and Automobiles portion of the equation, Planes are definitely his preference, and, are rare and more valuable than one would think.

Well that olestationbus was lingering just waiting for a rebirth in the hands of someone who would not tear that original 170 cc, 110 horsepower, three on the tree out if it just to put some huge motor in the back and go cruising around the countryside.

So I drove the olestationbus home and have been thoroughly enjoying every moment of our time together.

It doesn't matter if I am cruising for chickadees on the beach,

hanging with the Kid and thejeepjunkie fishing,

or strutting our stuff down at Belair Plaza,

the olestationbus and the olelongrooffan have had alot of fun together.

It even gives the Kid an opportunity to get his cool CJ5 out of the house, once in a while, with his Mom's approval.

However, as this olelongrooffan lives in the Taj Mahal, less than a five minute walk, or a three minute drive...depending on the traffic light at A1A and the Cardinal Street access....the one nearest the Taj Mahal, well this means there is alot of salt air coming toward the olestationbus on a regular basis.

Well, as you can see in the process of viewing these photos, the oleTexasNativestationbus is gathering quite a bit of additional surface rust, as pointed out by TheGoodAttorney a short time back.

I commented yes, but as referenced in the post you probably just read, there ain't a h*lluva lot this old Ozark boy can do at this time.

"Wait a minute!" thejeepjunkie exclaims, "What are you doing next week?" "Trying to survive," was my response.

He replies, "I can work something out."

And he does.

As it turns out, thejeepjunkie, no matter how large the olestationbus's

lug nuts might be, thejeepjunkie has horsetraded, jeeptraded, and olestationbustraded a buddy of his to sand and paint the olestationbus, gratis to the olelongrooffan, in exchange for my working with Manuel Labor, as referenced in my previous post.

Could I pass this up?

Well, since thejeepjunkie stopped by and released the olestationbus from its tethers and let it run freely prior to its chemical based drunkedness in a local, short-on- business, buddy's body shop

the choice is not mine.

After all, I will be in my own paint booth home just a few short miles up the Atlantic coast until the paint booth of my own doing shows up in August.

And knowing thejeepjunkie, TheGoodAttorney and the spacedoutpainter are keeping an eye out on me helps me

Celebrate Life.

Pics soon.


Horse-farmer said...

Get your butt over to Lowe's and buy some metal sand paper and get your arse out there and start sanding, then a good coat of gray primer,,,,,,,,

Loved it, trade and retrade....

The Clic Kids said...

HEY John,
Ed called, your olestationbus is done