Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A New Invitational Golf Tournament

So, this morning I woke up in the master suite

of the Taj Mahal

enjoying that cool ocean breeze while listening to the surf pounding the sandy beaches down here in the Sunshine State.

As I was stirring around and becoming acclimated to another beautiful day in paradise, I spotted this girl lurking around the corner. I was immediately concerned.

Due to the number of celebrity deaths lately, I was concerned this oleunemployedconstructionworker might be needed to be of assistance on an addition to Heaven and could be on that list.

Yes, I am a celebrity, check it out here.

Luckily I was able to convince this fine young thing that I am, in fact, not David Letterman and she left apologizing profusely.

I still had an uneasy feeling that something was amiss. I remembered I had forgotten this over at Motorsports Marketing World Headquarters and thought maybe that was it.

No, that was last Saturday while I was at the Brumos 250 so that wasn't it.

So, I climbed back into that California King Size Bed and, while continuing to enjoy that cool ocean breeze, I grabbed the remote for my 104" HD flatscreen TV
and started surfing those boob tube channels.

Nearly every network had coverage of the Michael Jackson funeral. I wish someone would have told me he died, I would have winged it out to LA for his funeral, just to post for you Counters. Next time, clue me in, will ya?

As I am not really into stick and ball sports*, I headed over to SPEEDTV to see what they had to offer. Well a paid program for Devry University, while interesting, is not in my taste this wonderful morning.

So I headed over to that mainstream sports network, ESPN to see if they had any coverage of that kid Kyle Busch causing the Big One at the Coke Zero 400 last weekend.

No luck but Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Phil Mikkelson and Arnold Palmer were on the screen.

Well, I did recognize these four as greats of the sport of Golf and thought I might check in to see what they were talking about.

Well, it seems there is a new Invitational Golf Tournament, and the general consensus between these four greats, was that it was going to rival the Masters, the US Open and the British Open in popularity. One ventured it was possible for this Tournament to become the most popular Invitational Tournament of all time.

Now, I must say this about that, I was intrigued.

As I mentioned, I don't really follow stick and ball games but to have this Tournament described this way, by these Legends, I was d*mn curious as to its origin and location.

Unfortunately, I was dealing with Letterman's Pistol Packing Mama, DeVry University and Kyle, the kid, Busch, and I did not tune in soon enough to get the name of that Tournament, its location or the Invitees.

But, as those gentlemen continued their commentary, they did include some images and an accounting of that, soon to be, Legendary Tournament.

They spoke of this Par 3 hole where one golfer plunked it into the water and the other was down in two for a, one under, birdie.

One of the commentators mentioned that a ticket to this gallery in years to come would be nearly priceless

while another agreed and commented that most every ticket to this Invitational would be highly desirable.

They also talked about the clubhouse at this event and how it would not be able to handle the throngs of spectators in years to come.

And another mentioned this clubhouse at the turn would be the spot to be as the Invitees would come in for a cold 12 ounce beverage or two and, certainly, would be available for autographs and a photo opportunity with the spectators.

Discussion went on as to the competitive abilities of the Invitees.

They commented the Invitees almost seemed to enjoy the experience of the Tournament over the actual victory of this Inaugural event.

'The competitors seemed to enjoy their companionship rather than the actual victory. Even though a victory in this event would provide "Bragging Rights" for some time to come, the competitors appeared to enjoy the panoramic views of these majestic links and the refreshments from those cart mounted dispensers.'

However, they noted, as the conclusion of this Invitational approached, the competitiveness on the course seemed to increase.

An ill timed cellular connection to one of the participants, momentarily caused his attention to be diverted and his approach shot on the 17 careened off a nearly tree branch and landed that shot into the lake as seen above.

Approaching the 18th, with equal scores,

one of the competitors commented on what a view this course had.

All of the commentators on ESPN agreed. 'It is amazing how this course combines many elements of famous courses from around the world, and performs this with such a seamless manner.'

Well, as we saw here, it's all about the finish.

Both golfers got on the final green with the same number of strokes, but

you can't just putter around on the green.

So, as those Legends commented on ESPN earlier, 'This is a new Invitational Tournament that will be a highly desired Invitation next year, and for years to come.'

And as those Competitors reminded me

as they headed across this quaint covered bridge from the 18th back to the clubhouse, Jack Benny, in addition to being a famous violinist, also enjoyed a satisfying game of golf.

By his rules.

And it should be noted, thehorsefarmer and thejeepjunkie spent a few hours on the Mount Vernon Missouri Municipal Golf Course last evening for the Inaugural Haven Lee Farm Invitational Golf Tournament*. Who actually claims the 'Bragging Rights' has yet to be determined*.

Thanks to thehorsefarmer for the setup* to this and

Celebrate Life.

*these are the only true facts in this blog.


Anonymous said...

An anonymous tipster close to the judges on the final hole came forward with a comment that is neither approved nor is authorized, but that tipster seemed to think the government can do it, why not the locals....
"the famous Jeep of Florida fame ended up one stroke short of the ole horsefarmer" the source quickly went on to say that this is pure speculation as the score card was posted in a big dumpster and the final results haven't been certified.

longrooffan said...

and the fact the verifaction of the actual results will never be quantified leaves all of us waiting for next year's results...

and how do I set this up to be Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Where it says
"Choose an Identity"
click on anonymous

it's soooo simple even simon can do it.

word verify

unlyses "unless" you can't do it