Wednesday, May 6, 2009

1969, Or Not?

So over at his blog, thehorsefarmer is trying to pull a Kit Foster trying to attempt correcting this olelongrooffan about the timing of just when this photograph, referenced in this blog, was taken, some 40 years ago.

As I mentioned in that blog, inscribed on the rear of that old school black and white Polaroid, in a cursive handwritting I do not recognize, was Bob (sic), it was Tom, John and Ed, 1969. The second Polaroid mentioned in that blog does, in fact, have Tom, John and Ed, 1969.

Well, as reluctant as I am to ever question a decision made by my elder brothers, it usually always comes back to haunt me, I think thehorsefarmer is in the early stages of old age and the accompanying, and well known throughout my family, selective memory. Either that or it was the G&T's he favors.

Now, thehorsefarmer is certain this photo was taken sometime in 1964 or 1965 when he was at the seminary in Rush Limbaugh's hometown, down near the Missouri bootheel. Recognize, I am on the record as opposing both this conclusion and Rush Limbaugh, on just about anything. Okay. Enough politics on this blog.

Anyway, I implore you to examine these two images, blown up from that old school Polaroid on my free

Adobe photoshop program. I contend these photos were, definitely, taken in 1969.

Sometime last year I was provided with the above image of an old black and white photograph of, from the left, the olelongrooffan, BBB and thejeepjunkie. On the edge of the photo was the month and year it was taken, as used to be done. I did not record the month, but the year was 1965. Those two youngsters are definitely not the same ages as seen in the above referenced photos.

Next up, I present this image of an old photo taken outside TheGentleman Farmer's den at 1822 South National, Springfield, Missouri. Again, those youngsters are at younger ages than the ones in the questioned photos. And that kid on the left? That is one of the few pictures I have seen of me not in a button down oxford.

Next up I offer this photo of the olelongrooffan strolling in front of a wrecked 1965 Ford Country Squire TheGentlemanFarmer owned. No button down oxford, but this time a, what are now called, golf shirt. Who knows what happened to the nose of that ole 65 longroof?

I, further, present this one, generally accepted to be from 1967.

And this one of thejeepjunkie, Dennis Wilson, and the olelongrooffan taken down in Steal-Your Dollar City. Check out that dude on the right in the oxford and slacks at an amusement park!!!! What a Hoon!!

I further present this photo of the olelongrooffan washing that cool ole XKE belonging to Leroy Lane.

And then this one, taken of the olelongrooffan on TheGentlemanFarmer's den floor on South National.

And if that is not proof enough of the ages of the youngsters in the photo in question, I have this old class photo

and this is what TheGentleman Farmer had written on the rear of it. Ahhh yes, Great For Eight, Fine For Nine.

And just to slam the gavel down on this, Mom had written

this on the rear of that photo.

Oh, and despite the speculation thehorsefarmer and the Bus are having, my namesake's Woodman of America headstone is staying right where it is for the future enjoyment of everyone who journeys to that olegraveyard. Just hope I get to see it one more time before I join JD Lee.

And just know, it is being able to document my thoughts with old photos, #6 be d*mned, that allows me to

Celebrate Life

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Horse-farmer said...

Wasn't the wagon damage from when BBB went to the square for a date at the movie and the wagon rolled down the hill????