Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Where Am I Today?

So, after spending a great day Sunday on My Beach with thejeepjunkie, the Kid, thesungoddess and the Kid's sister, today these tubes told me I was in Blissfield, Michigan.

So I hopped in the olestationbus,

you remember the olestationbus

don't ya?

And I headed out for Southeast Michigan. For me, it was a quick trip. I mean to tell ya, thejeepjunkie and TheGoodAttorney tell me I can't look at a Jeep Commando on ebay...

Oh Yeah, sidebar....

The weekend before last, when thejeepjunkie tried to get that big *ssed old school NASCAR Thunderbird out of the sand, FAIL, and I tried to post a video of it, also FAIL, we were cruising around that soft sand beach and this olelongrooffan realized that he needs a four wheel drive. So I decided to put the olestationbus up on that website the Bus loves to peruse and try to find me a four wheel drive.

But what to get?

the Bus, thejeepjunkie and the Kid have the whole CJ thing covered.

thehorsefarmer, thebarngoddess and TheGoodAttorney have those Bucking Broncos covered.

NotSoLilJim and Lil Mom have the whole Power Wagon thing covered.

So what's left?

I could always pick up an International Scout, but thepartsdude down at my favorite, local auto parts store, Beachside Auto Parts told me the longrooffan would have to find new parts friends if I picked one of these up.

But what about a Series II Land Rover? Nah, maybe next time around. Just a bit out of my budget these days.

So. what. is. left?

I thought of the time I spent out on Haven Lee Farm, Halltown Edition, and I remembered a neighbor, down on the ripoff, to be described in a blog I have been working around for some time now, had a Jeep Commando. And, just know this olelongrooffan is looking for one of those, sometimes, topless rigs, less the Great Dane and the surfboard.

Alas, that diversion was a blog in itself...

Where was I?

Oh yeah.

Back to Michigan.

Yeah it was a quick trip for me as both thejeepjunkie and TheGoodAttorney won't let me look at a Jeepster Commando on ebay located out in Washington State as it will take me a month to get it home.

So I made an unblogable {new world for Webster's} ride on that 1,105 mile trip and arrived in this burb, about 30 miles southwest of the Metro Detroit area, and promptly checked into the Tavern Hotel, immediately adjacent to the Blissfield MurderMysteryTrain (does every formerly railroad oriented town have one these days?). The Tavern Hotel was merely a four star establishment, after all, I am unemployed and a five star hotel is just a bit out of range for me these days.

I got settled in and manuevered the olestationbus around this sleepy Michigan town where the only sounds you could hear this beautiful spring afternoon were the sounds of the doors of those automobile manufacturing plants in nearby Detroit slamming closed, trains roaring by and the sound of newspapers plopping on concrete driveways. I knew where the sounds of those doors slamming came from, as well as those old locomotives, so I wandered around looking for the source of that newspaper plopping sound and came upon the

wonderfully architecture that is the East Blissfield High School.

Near there, I saw this dude delivering copies of the Detroit Free Press. As I was moseying on by in the Ohio built olestationbus, I thought, 'kid, you better start exploring a new career and I would think IT and not auto related'.

I then started looking for some auto related stuff, you know, The Cool Stuff, and I came across this 1941 Chevrolet Master Deluxe, produced just before the auto building moratorium prior to WWII. It sure looks sweet, the correct color and hue.

And then I came upon that Mystery Train

and this cool old barn, built in a style I am confident there is a name for but I have been unsuccessful in google imaging it to find out what it is.

But despite the cool old barn given the horizontal surfaces shown in this photo, I sure am glad I live in the Birthplace of Speed.

I wonder where I will be tomorrow?

And it is anticipating mysteries such as this that lets me

Celebrate Life.

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Horse-farmer said...

good blog, way to tell a story

liked the limos too

50 merc was great