Thursday, October 2, 2008

What I Saw Today

So, after an extremely disenheartening day at the Daytona Beach Housing Authority, I couldn't just head back to the Taj Majal, I had to get out and around the Home of the World's Most Famous Beach and see something to cheer me up.

So I did. After filling up the olestationbus with most of the remaining crap from my storage unit, I drove on down Nova Road toward International Speedway Boulevard. Nova Road, as does every North-South Roadway in these here parts, carries the same name through Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, South Daytona, Daytona Beach Shores and Port Orange. It is tough when looking for an address on these roadways as each town has its own numbering so you go from 1800 South Nova Road in Ormond Beach to 1700 North Nova Road in Daytona Beach, and these two buildings are side by side.

As I was cruising south on Nova, and I don't know what town I am in, and it really doesn't matter for these purposes, I spotted the following parked in the lot of a repair facility.

I, initially passed it by, but on further reflection of the wrath of thehorsefarmer has previously inflicted on me for not posting a What I Saw Today post in a timely manner, guess what I did?

Of course, I pulled a Ueee and went back to get some images.

Before I took these images, I went into said repair facility and asked the girl, I think she was about 12...really probably 20 or so, if it was okay if I took some images of this 65 Corvair Monza. She, in bewilderment, okayed this process. Lucky you.

It is ironic, at least to me, to see this Coupe parked next to my Falcon Station Bus and whatever that econobox parked to the right of this Corvair is. In the early 60's, Ford came out with the Falcon and GM introduced the Corvair to combat the influx of European and Japanese compact cars. No follow through by them explains where they are today.

It is a really nice piece of automotive history. When I was a kid, the not yet GentlemanFarmer had a beautiful red 63 Corvair Convertible. You can see a brief image of a similar one in this post. I didn't even know they put a V6 in these babies. Back to google find out more on that, and I probably will bore you with that knowledge in a future blog.

This Monza Coupe is a hardtop version of the one I saw on European Tour through Dresden, Tennessee and the one I saw in the Ormond Garage.

I really like the stance of this sweetie and even the sport wheels and beauty rims fit perfect, much better than the ones on the the ragtop seen at the Ormond Garage.

Yeah, this was back in the day when automobile designers loved these little touches, that Bowtie on the front of the outside rear view mirror. I am confident that by the 70's, these were gone. I am equally confident that 74 Impala referred to here did not have that insignia in place.

I am glad I am a simple guy as just seeing this car brought me out of my doldrums and put me in a much better mood.

But now, what am I going to do with fifteen clay flower pots currently residing just behind the passenger seat in the olestationbus?

And that is What I Saw Today.

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