Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Fling 2011

So sorry to have been AWOL from By The Numbers for this past couple weeks.  I've Been Busy posting some stuff over in the Hooniverse and making sure my sweet niece, TheLittlePrincess was able to finally get her Leaf bracelet.

So for my return, I thought I would post some stuff this olelongrooffan saw out at the Daytona International Speedway this past week.  It was the weekend of the Spring  Fling which is similar to the Turkey Rod Run.
I was heading out to the Speedway and spotted this sweet ole Chevy II sedan
cruising down Bill France Boulevard just outside the entrance to the NASCAR Turn 4 tunnel.
I parked my ole Indian and headed across that still nearly newly paved front stretch into the infield to see what was to be seen.
One of the first things this olelongrooffan found over in the NASCAR pavilion garage was this 1924 Ford Model TT firetruck.
According to the owner and this flyer, it contains a pump and motor that was originally on a horse drawn buggy.
This olelongrooffan thought it was pretty cool and hope those of you Counting Along With Me do also.
Those of you who follow my postings over in the Hooniverse will see this on Hooniverse Truck Thursday  (scroll down and read the last couple comments on that post for a real treat) tomorrow.
I then headed off to see what else could be seen and in the area where the race car driver's motorcoaches are parked during races, I spotted this year's feature marque, American Motors and Rambler.
AMX's, Javellins, Matadors, Marlins and a rare wagon were all around me.

The Rebel for 1970.
More Scramblers in one place than I have ever seen.
This is the wagon I was speaking about.  You can read more about it here.
And this Matador is a likely candidate for my Monstrosities From The Hard Drive series over in the Hooniverse.
I pretty much think this image speaks for itself!!  Only $3,500 for a Cutlass four door sedan equipped with GM's finest diesel engine that usually lasted for about 20,000 miles!
But this is an Oldsmobile this olelongrooffan would daily drive.
Unfortunately, this Toronado was sold by the time I stumbled upon it.
And I thought the parking juxtaposition of these two yellow convertibles was humorous.
That Aston Martin Vantage ragtop is roughly $94,000 while the Thing in the background is around $8,500.  Yeah, you can see it all here in the World Center of Racing.
Including a flat bed car hauler truck with Cadillac Eldorado running gear.
And finally, this olelongrooffan spotted this monstrosity.  It is based on some kind of Ford product.  On the windshield it states it is a 1927 Ford Roadster and is rear engined.  I don't know about you Counters out there, but this olelongrooffan can definitely see exhaust pipes coming out from the front of that roadster.
And the inverted Pinto tail lights and being parked next to a big lemon says it all about this ride.

I got a few more images I'll be putting up over the next couple days for us all to enjoy and thanks for Counting Along With Me.

And knowing that you do really helps this olelongrooffan

Celebrate Life.

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Anonymous said...

Thats my Chevy II! She's got a 153 4 cylinder!