Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Apologies To TheLittlePrincess

Now Counters, regardless of what you may have read, this olelongrooffan genuinely likes people.

By demonstration, you may remember this olelongrooffan had the opportunity to test drive the Nissan Leaf a month or so ago.  While I was there I was able to snag a several of the free Leaf bracelets that sweet young thing had on the refreshment bar she was attending.

Well, a couple weeks ago I finally decided to clean the Taj Mahal, yeah, it's a once a month kind of thing, and got a bunch of those bracelets off to my fantastic nieces and nephews up in the cold white north.

Well, I am certain some of them made it to their destinations via those uniformed government employees that visit our homes 6 days a week as the Bus had an image of one of the recipients of those prized bracelets on his facebook page a few days ago.

Now, I had also sent a bracelet to TheLittlePrincess who, I thought, resided on Haven Lee Farm up in Marionville, Missouri.  A few days later, this olelongrooffan received a rare phone call from the Shark Angel informing me that an envelope has indeed arrived out on Haven Lee Farm but said envelope had been marked by our fair uniformed friends as "Opened and Contents Lost".

"No worries Steph, I have another and I'll get it off."

And I did.

Now all of the other bracelets I had sent, about a dozen, all arrived without a problem but it seems those folks up there in Marionville  Aurora, Missouri must have a thing against anything new fangled as this arrived in the mailbox at the Taj Mahal on Saturday.
But don't worry LittlePrincess, it will be, once again, off in the mail again tomorrow and by this time next week, hopefully, you will be joining all your cousins in the wearing of this free bracelet courtesy of this olelongrooffan and the Nissan Leaf.


Anonymous said...

It's all good Uncle Jon-Jon, I got to see the pictures you took of the Clydesdale's, that makes up for your package not getting here
I enjoyed the story and photos, really interesting to see.
However, you should have called, I could have helped you name all those parts of the team harness and gear ;)

Love you,

Little Princess

Busplunge said...

Hey, the envelope I got had been opened also on the end.

I thought it was 'paper fatique' or you how sometimes envelopes split on the fold?

I'm wondering if the metal tag on the bracelet had something to do with it?

I tossed the envelope, wish I'd saved it.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Jon-Jon,
Bracelet made it here today and Jaycee is wearing it even as I type...she totally digs it and is planning on taking it to school monday to show off. Thank you for sending it, she loves getting mail from you.