Friday, March 4, 2011

So, Today, This olelongrooffan Was Out And About

just checking out some stuff I could post both here and in the Hooniverse about the whole Bike Week thing going on down here at the Home of the World's Most Famous Beach.
I came across a pretty cool exhibition of a bunch of old Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles, the blog of which I have in draft form and will post in the next couple days.
I also spotted this pimped out 80's era GMC pickup that appears to this olelongrooffan to have had some pretty extensive modifications.
And as I was driving south on Beach Street in the toney riverfront area of the mainland part of Daytona Beach,
I spotted this ole rat rod that may or may not be to everyone's taste.

After I gathered up a few images of it, this olelongrooffan was walking south on Beach Street and noticed a not previously seen collectibles store but walked right by it.  A few paces down the street, I stopped and turned around to check it out.

I mean, I'm certainly not in the financial position to acquire any high dollar autographed collectibles but I thought I would at least see what was to be seen.

I opened the door to that rather smallish shop and recognized alot of people seemingly milling about. I was just checking out the framed stuff they had laying around and pretty much ignoring the crowd.

I then looked up and saw a whole bunch of buffed, youngish men adorning themselves in flak jackets and POLICE t-shirts.

Almost immediately one of these guys approached me asking "Hey, What's up?"

This olelongrooffan took another look at all of them and then looked back at that young man and inquired, "Am I in the wrong place?"

His response?  "Yes, you are."

"See ya."

And this olelongrooffan beat it the h*ll out of that shop and headed back to the Taj Mahal here in the Birthplace of Speed wondering what was going to transpire this afternoon down there in the World Center of Racing.

I'll keep those of you Counting Along With Me informed as I am confident somehow or another, this olelongrooffan will find out.

And knowing that I am miles from the action of that team of cops really lets this olelongrooffan

Celebrate Life.


kashgar216 said...

Injustice= That rat rod is street legal and yet perfectly stock Nissan Skylines are confiscated by the feds.

Horse-farmer said...

Got one of those rat rods here in Marionville, I have to use my ear plugs anytime I am near it.......

Ever hear one of those go by when you have your hearing aids on..... talk about louddddddddddddd

that 25 harley is worth a bunch, I imagine!