Friday, March 4, 2011

Even Cops Are Race Fans

As posted over in the Hooniverse.

Last Wednesday, our own esteemed Mr. Emslie asked we Hoons what was our favorite cop car. I couldn't think of one until I got a call on Thursday morning from my brother asking why I hadn't posted this FHP Pursuit In Training Crown Vic I spotted at his shop awhile back. I immediately posted that image and he called to give me even more sh*t as it was the 92nd comment on that post.

Well, today this olelongrooffan was out and about at some Bike Week events and decided to drop by thejeepjunkie's shop to chat it up.

As I arrived, I realized his shop hadn't been this busy in quite some time.

I probably have mentioned his shop services all of the Florida Highway Patrol vehicles, as well as the City of Daytona Beach cop cars along with a couple other municipalities. As usual, I got involved a conversation with Trooper Bob, the driver of this highly desirable "slick top" Crown Vic Interceptor. He is working nights this month and lamented about the traffic for Bike Week. I asked him how it was for the Daytona 500 a couple weeks ago?

His eyes started glowing and he told me to follow him out to his Crown Vic. Well my fellow Hoons, when a cop tells me to do something, even casually, I always do it.

So we get out to that black and tan machine, Trooper Bob opens the door and says, "Check it out."

And I did. Apparently during SpeedWeeks, Jack Roush was out at our local Ford dealer and a buddy of Trooper Bob's took Bob's late model Mustang out to get it autographed. As it turns out, Trooper Bob was working I-95 in the vicinity of the autograph signing and stopped in got Jack's autograph on his daily driver office ride.

I complimented him on it and asked if I could blog it. "Hell yes," was his reply as he stuck his chest out and boasted, "I've got the only Jack Roush autographed Interceptor around!"

And Trooper Bob could have been the cop in this commercial. Same build, hair and sense of humor!

Yeah it's fun living round these here parts!

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Anonymous said...

Loved that commercial.....

also the one where the civilian asks "can I use the siren?"

can't wait till end of april...