Saturday, October 30, 2010

What I Saw Today

So, earlier today this olelongrooffan forgot to get some petrol for The Indian while I was over on the mainland. As gas prices tend to be 5-10 cents less per gallon over there vs beachside, I usually try to remember to have a pit stop while on the mainland.

Well, since The Indian's fuel gauge did something it has not done since it has been owned by this olelongrooffan, that is emit a red light indicating super low fuel, I decided to hit the Kangaroo Stop n Rob that is located next door to my favorite parts friends at the corner of Main Street and Riverside Drive down there in Daytona Beach.

As this olelongrooffan was heading east over the Main Street drawbridge often frequented by my olestationbus that virgin, to me, light appeared, I looked off in the distance a spotted What I Saw Today off in the distance turning north on Riverside and then pulling into the same Kangaroo that The Indian so desperately needed.

When I arrived, the owner was nowhere to be found and this olelongrooffan headed into that store to get me some $20 worth of go-juice. After I had exited that establishment, this tattoo bearing, flat bill ballcap wearing dude, toting a quart of cheap, Beachside Auto Parts oil, came around the rear of a parked out front car and the Kangaroo dude washing the windows started chatting it up with him about his ride.
I listened for a bit then went out to get The Indian and this olelongrooffan the vital fluids necessary to Hoon it around for a tad bit longer. As the machine attached to the other end of that hose was pumping that fluid into The Indian, this olelongrooffan was listening to the flat brimmed hat dude chatting it up with the Kangaroo dude about his classic old ride.
Once that task was completed, this olelongrooffan grabbed my no longer trusty 28 dollar ebay found image taker and headed over to check it out in person.

Pleasantly and surprisingly, the flat brimmed hat wearing dude, Anthony, proved every stereotype this olelongrooffan has of the bearers of this this brand of fashion wrong. He was super cool. Passionate about his "original" ride and showed off, not only the 429 under the hood but also the original spare tire and the "Jacking Instructions" badge under the trunk lid. Now Counters, this is one super cool ride and would fit perfectly in the livery of this olelongrooffan. It is a 1964 Cadillac Series 62 hardtop sedan and it is in great shape.
He pointed out that this particular model was a four window as the six window had operating vent windows at the "C" pillar, similar to the ones at the "A" pillar in the above image. It appeared to have a repaint, thus allowing this olelongrooffan to place "quotes" around original and makes this sweet ride "stock" as opposed to "original".
Either way it is a highly desirable ride and is similar to the 63 Coupe deVille TheGentleman Farmer owned at one time.

So anyway, Anthony, the Kangaroo dude and this olelongrooffan stood around chatting it up for several minutes and I shared my card with this blog address on it with them. It was during this time Anthony mentioned he also has owned a 63 Coupe deVille like my dad's, but in jet black, as well as a 69 Lincoln Executive Series. This olelongrooffan still has to google that one though.

It was super cool meeting another generation of car dude, one of whom, had he not been connected to an automobile, this olelongrooffan would probably not have approached. My eyes were opened today, that is for sure.

So anyway, this olelongrooffan must note that today I also spotted a late 80's Toyota Tercel 4WD wagon in primo condition out by the Daytona International Speedway, a Meyers Manx Dune Buggy on the same drive and a vintage early 50's GM product pick up truck with a great original patina. This olelongrooffan was unable to get his no longer trusty 28 dollar ebay camera to cooperate in order to share the images of those sweet rides with you.

Well, it's time for this olelongrooffan to head over to ebay and get me another, what I presume are disposable after about a year, 28 dollar image taker so that I can share with you Counter Out There the ways this olelongrooffan continues to

Celebrate Life.

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