Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yeah, Winter Is On Our Doorstep, Too

Yeah, winter is coming to the Birthplace of Speed, albeit at a leisurely pace. As I am blogging this at 3:34 pm on Wednesday, it is overcast and the temperature of 83 degrees with a wind chill of 92.

Now one of the things I do for my Boca Raton based landlord is keep an eye on my 87 year old neighbor and trim the shrubs around the Taj Mahal. The condo association maintains the lawn but plant maintenance is the responsibility of the owners of the building.

The first time I realized my landlord was responsible was when I returned to the Taj Mahal one day last summer and he was out front trimming the shrubs. He relayed the information about plant maintenance and I told him that it was ridiculous for him to drive nearly 4 hours one way, spend 2 hours trimming the scrubs and then spent 4 hours driving home.

I told him that since he was so considerate toward me and the timeliness of my rent payment that from now on, this olelongrooffan will take care of it.

And I do.

Well, this olelongrooffan has only trimmed those plants once since thejeepjunkie and TheGoodAttorney started coming to Happy Hour at the Taj Mahal on a regular basis.

And Man, did they give me a ration of sh*t about the quality of the trimming this olelongrooffan did to those shrubs.

And, as I said at the time, "It is like a bad haircut, it will always grow back."

Well, as you can see in the below image,

that orange rake is my snow shovel.

Well, yesterday, this olelongrooffan trimmed those bushes and hauled the trimmings to the curb for The Man to come by and pickup today in one of those big green trucks.

Now, at Happy Hour, thejeepjunkie sits in the center chair and looks at this plant every night, b*tching about the shape of it.

I had left TheGoodAttorney's electric hedge trimming device on the front porch as I am definitely not going to trim this bush ever again.

The one seen below is directly in the field of vision or TheGoodAttorney and last week he trimmed it off the sidewalk out front of the Taj Mahal so my 87 year old neighbor

could get his Hot Rod out and about.

I shot a short video of thejeepjunkie in action just as TheGoodAttorney was arriving.

Over the noise of that $5 trimmer, you can hear TheGoodAttorney give the, among us, universal greeting, "Hello The Camp" and as he walks by his comment was "Happy Hour sure is noisy this evening." Gotta love his sense of humor.

And even though this olelongrooffan had to haul those trimmings thejeepjunkie created to the street, it is getting those two guys to help me with yard work that helps me to

Celebrate Life.


Busplunge said...

TAlking about bad haircuts reminds me of something I heard about Glenn Beck---I know why he is so angry but why is his barber mad at him?

Horse-farmer said...

Send them two this way, got a ton of clearing to do around the pond,
heck it's just like working in the rain....
little water never hurt anyone

fun to watch the antics of the front porch gang