Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My New Ride?

So, last weekend, the Bus sent me a cool link, craiglook.com. It lets you look at all of Craigslist for a single item in one step.

I found a couple down in South Florida looking for an olestationbus like mine.

Now, I have had that olestationbus for over a year now and it might just be time to let someone else enjoy it for a while.

But, after seeing the following video, I might just have to get rid of the oleragtop instead.

I love Californey, not a tramp stamp in sight.

And, Counters, that is how you

Celebrate Life.

1 comment:

Horse-farmer said...

Now that is a TOY I could really have fun with...
or get in a heck of alot of trouble with....

gonna have to check that website out and find one for me....