Friday, October 16, 2009

Music Videos

So, two of my brothers, the Bus-Plunge and thejeepjunkie like to post music videos, usually with some reference to their current situations or situations as they remember them in their past.

Well, Counters, I thought I would post a music video of my own for you all to enjoy.

The BMW M1 is true collectable. Only 456 of these hand built coupes were built from 1978-1981. Even though the roof is pretty short on these, one would fit nicely in this olelongrooffan's livery.

And it is dreaming of owning one of these $100,000 sports cars that lets me

Celebrate Life.

1 comment:

Horse-farmer said...

The 7 looks kind of like it needs a new life.
Jeep probably have it running and looking as good as what's on the pole in no time.