Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just Cleaning Up

the My Pictures album on this trusty ole laptop.

I came across a few images I do not believe I have previously shared with those of you Counting Along With Me.

And I thought I would.

The following photograph is of BBB and this not yet ole longrooffan taken back in the day. I was probably all of 2 years old when this photograph of me sitting on my big brother's lap. Mom and TheGentlemanFarmer had that, many times reupholstered, chair well into my adulthood.

To this olelongrooffan, it was always TheGentlemanFarmer's chair and was known, generally, as "the green chair'.

And here is one of recent vintage taken at BBB's bar down Buccaneer Way.

This is a shot of thejeepjunkie and this ole longrooffan circa Christmas, 1964. That is thejeepjunkie in the foreground in our living room at 19 St. Charles Place, Shrewsbury, Missouri. And note, he is correctly decked out in those jeans, sturdy shoes and western shirt to go along with his new cap gun, tied down, wide belted holster and felt cardboard cowboy hat.

The future longrooffan, in the background, outfitted in black knee high socks, beige shorts, a cardigan sweater and, of course, a button down collar oxford shirt. That cowboy hat, which looks so in place on thejeepjunkie, looks totally out of place on this longrooffan.

I will bet even money that within two minutes of this photo being taken, I was on my hands and knees tearing into that Nylint Super Highway set or playing with that Tonka Mini Motorhome seen behind that metal heavy equipment package set, all the while thejeepjunkie had me in the sights of that old cap pistol.

The boy seen to the left of this photo is another older brother, the Bus, wearing an always fashionable turtle neck that Christmas, some 45 years ago.

In the background, hanging on that floral wallpapered dining room of that old barn shaped home, is a print of the Last Supper that was always around in the dining rooms of my youth and young adulthood.

And I have, in my possession, a similar lace tablecloth my Mom gave me many, many moons ago.

The following photo is of a youngjeepjunkie sitting on a post rail fence consuming a Vess Root Beer probably provided by my Mom's dad, Man. Love those cut offs and deck shoes.

And, just because I love the idea of owning a Citroen 2CV, yeah, just the option, not the reality of it.

This is a recent advertisement for a new Citroen and I just loved the cleverness of it. Those Sally Field Flying Nun outfitted sisters checking out the new Citroen with their old 2CV in the background.

Last year, when I had the honor of attending this series of fun filled events, I spotted this old tag along road grader.

This is an old Caterpillar road grader, the blade of which was designed to be moved up and down by

these big wheels located just in front of the driver of this remotely powered vehicle.

The blade was moved to grade to the left or right by a series of gears seen in this image

and with these chains located on the front of this machine.

When I was a kid growing up on Haven Lee Farm, Halltown Edition, TheGentlemanFarmer had an old Allis Chalmer road grader, although his was non-operable and more in the condition of this one.

TheGentlemanFarmer would pilot that, still boat anchor engine equipped, heavy as h*ll, piece of history while this longrooffan used to pull it with a huge *ssed log chain behind TheGentlemanFarmer's International Harvestor tri cycle front C, not Super C, tractor.

This, now over the hill, longrooffan remembers while grading that mile long river rock surfaced driveway, the blade on that old Allis Chalmer would fill up with gravel and that IH C would bounce up and down like one of thejeepjunkie's stallions and this, then young, longrooffan would dang near get bounced off that big red tractor. Oh for a seat belt back then!!

I had gotten the following images for a What I Saw Today blog but had forgotten about them and since they were shot in December of last year, let's call this section of this post, What I Saw Last Year.

It is a 1966 Dodge Charger. I spotted this up in Ormond By The Sea, about 15 minutes north up A1A from the Taj Mahal.

It was then, and still is now, parked at a small repair shop and I wonder if the seller wants to rent or sell it.

Well, I guess that sign up close explains it. Yeah, that is correct $13,800.00. Wonder why it is still unsold?

I mean, with a patina like this

and that high quality paint job, I wonder why someone hasn't snatched this up?

Ya see, that is the smart *ss in me coming out. But I have to tell you Counters, there is a mint one on ebay right now down in New Smyrna Beach, 20 miles south of the Taj Mahal with a Buy It Now price of $12,500.00

I do like the interior of this old automatic Mopar. The three round gauges with the AM radio off to the side that console separating those ribbed bucket seats sets the stage for 1966 coolness.

Sorry about the inclusion of this olelongrooffan's fingers reflecting off the driver's side window but that reflection of the wheel of the oleragtop is, to me anyway, just sweet.

And a shot of the rear of What I Saw Last Year. C H A R G E R scrolled across the tail lights of this olehotrod. Yeah, desirable, but not $13,800 worth of desirableness.

And that is it for this post. It has taken me awhile to get it all together, both on this blog and in my mind but I was successful! And while not my funniest or most interesting, with the ability to move some images around in My Pictures, delete others and post this, I can

Celebrate Life.

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Busplunge said...

John--- I think I got the Dali print. We used to have it hanging in the dining area of our kitchen.

Back then I wore my hair like I wore my underwear, high, white and tight.

I had almost forgotten about that road grader. It was, a piece of crab.

Tom has posted that picture of you and Ed with the broken tractor.

I was talking ot hte PvtRn how when we're busy we don't blog.

ps---make some of them bumper stickers on Ed's computer.