Monday, December 26, 2011

This olelongrooffan Got The Kenman's Christmas Card!!

So this olelongrooffan received my annual Christmas card from my buddy the Kenman.   The last time we spoke, he mentioned he had sold, finally, a vintage Mustang Shelby he has owned for 41 years. Yes, that's right Counters. 41 years. Of course, the fact he has bought and sold several hundred other cool cars over the years makes this believable.

The Kenman also related the story of the above Suzuki. It seems he and his gorgeous wife, Blondie....yeah, noone in my life is without a nickname....were heading from Blondie's home in Naples up to the Kenman's place in Door County, Wisconsin last spring. Just outside Chattanooga, Tennessee, they stopped to grab a bite to eat and spend the night, and knowing the Kenman,  in some ultra cheap hotel. After they enjoyed some southern bar-b-que, they adjourned to the elcheapo hotel across the way. As they were checking in, a severe tornado popped on through, wiped out that bbq place and blew this sign down on the Kenman's daily driver Suzuki. He conned persuaded a couple local yokels to give him a 70 mile ride to acquire a U-Haul so he and Blondie could get the hell out of town. He filed an insurance claim with some roving claims adjuster from his insurance company and did beat it the hell out of there, leaving his Suzuki exactly as you Counters see it in that photo! The Kenman's comment was, "What am I going to do with a totalled Suzuki?  Tow it to Wisconsin?"

Did this olelongrooffan also mention "total police state? breaking into an electricity challenged hotel room to spend the night? the long line of tornado refugees heading toward a evacuation required school bus? Well, those of you Counting Along With Me get the idea.

So anyway, back to the Kenman's Christmas card. I know he is a true buddy, and a fellow car guy as well, as he always keeps an eye out on future vehicles for this olelongrooffan. He spotted this vintage Open Road Econoline somewhere in his travels and got this picture of it to forward to me. It just needs a little work to get it into shape and up to speed.

Or this olelongrooffan could get rid of some of my sh*t and just move into it and be done with it.

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