Sunday, August 14, 2011

On The Road Denver Edition: The Blowout Edition

Dateline Denver, Colorado: August 14, 2011

As those of you who are Counting Along With this olelongrooffan may recall, I have spent that past few weeks out here in the Mile High City helping Big J and his girl renovate their new to them 110 year old home.

While out here I have been able to do some pretty cool stuff and see a boat load of cool old cars and trucks,

some of them are even topless.  In addition to seeing all that stuff, touring Coors Brewery, seeing Tim Tebow in action, hitting up a great concert, this olelongrooffan has been

hanging with Tripod, a really cool mellow little puppy dog.  While I'm not a huge house dog fan, this one is extra special and a fun companion.

Not only that but I have also been tearing a bunch of cr*p up and filling that mini dumpster to capacity.

I also removed a bunch of windows and

installed some new ones. Big J is finishing up the electrical phase of this project and Girlie is cleaning up the remainder of the fence and helping fill that dumpster as this olelongrooffan is taking a break and getting this up for your, hopefully, enjoyment.

Life hasn't been all fun and games though. A serious tragedy occurred yeasterday and this olelongrooffan is still pretty bummed out about it.

See that Teva sandal in the fence filled dumpster? This olelongrooffan has been wearing those suckers for nearly 15 years and yesterday while picking up the drywall for this project at the big box retailer who loves Jimmy Johnson, this olelongrooffan suffered

a serious blowout on the strap of one of them and no amount of duct tape would repair it.

Those beloved Tevas will be spending the remainder of their days in the Denver county municipal dump and this olelongrooffan will miss them dearly.

However, the fact that Filmore, my mobile Taj Mahal here in Denver, was parked just outside the door of that big box retailer and contained a back up pair of shoes for this olelongrooffan allows me to really

Celebrate Life.

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Anonymous said...

John, only you can spend twenty minutes leading us up to ....... what else, a pair of shoes......... can't wait till you get home, so I can bi__ch and complain about the danged shoes...

ps: hope you only paid 1/2 price for those shoes, because the top half is missing....... lol