Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On The Road Denver Edition: A Port Royal Project Update

Dateline Denver, Colorado: August 16, 2011

This olelongrooffan has posted previously about the progress of the project which brings me to the Mile High City.

Well over the course of this past few days things have moved along rapidly thanks to the abilities of Big J and Girlie and we have been able to schedule the required subcontractors in and get their portion of this project completed.

On top of that Teva filled dumpster, the drywall dudes piled the remnants of their phase of renovation while

this olelongrooffan finished up trimming out those newly installed front windows. Once that was completed, one of the drywall dudes came out and mentioned they needed a couple more boxes of "hot mud" to help in their attempt to straighten out the crooked *ss walls in this 110 year old home. So this olelongrooffan set off, once again, to that big box retailer that loves Kobalt tools so much to get them some of that "hot mud."

On the way back to the Port Royal, Big J's name for this project, I spotted this ole Dodge truck parked out front of a boutique beer joint resting comfortably as its mascot.

When I returned, I was able to capture an image of the nearly completed kitchen area of Port Royal,

and out back I noticed that someone had come in and stolen the filled to the brim mini dumpster as well as the fence that formerly traversed the rear property line. That can only mean one thing. Garages R Us must be on the way.

However, in the meantime, this olelongrooffan will be reinstalling the mail filled mailbox out front. And those two occurences really help this olelongrooffan to

Celebrate Life.

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