Monday, January 3, 2011

thejeepjunkie's New Toy, Revisited

Last fall, September 6 to be exact, this olelongrooffan did a post about a beat-up old flatbed trailer thejeepjunkie had traded two match sticks and a case of Natty Light to acquire. You can see that post here.

Well, subsequent to that post this olelongrooffan has seen the progression of the refurbishment of that old flatbed, even gotten images of it at various stages.  I stumbled across them while organizing some images on my trusty olelaptop this past weekend and thought you might enjoy them.

When we left this trailer in early September, thejeepjunkie had taken it by thesungoddess's house and her first comment was "When are you going to stop hauling home rusty old junk?" To which thejeepjunkie responded, "Well, I ain't dead yet!"

We rendeavoused over at a buddy's place and proceeded to remove the wood from the floor of that trailer.

The next time this olelongrooffan spotted thejeepjunkie's new toy, he had removed the bent crossmembers and our buddy was pressure washing all of the old paint and rust off it.  You alert Counters will note the shiny wheel and new tires in the following image.

This image is actually a before shot of the frame.

As is the one below.

Well, this olelongrooffan didn't see that toy for quite awhile although I was responsible for picking up the new fenders for it at a marine supply house down in South Daytona one afternoon.  In typical Lee fashion, I drove the twenty or so minutes south to that supply house and the two women working there were just wonderful.  They wanted to know if it was going to be run through thejeepjunkie's shop and I replied no, I have cash.  Yeah, one of them said, if we write it up through his shop, you can still pay cash and not have to pay any sales tax.  Yeah, that was a tough decision.  So anyway, we loaded those fenders and skirts up in the back of thejeepjunkie's new ride and this olelongrooffan beat it back up US 1 to thejeepjunkie's shop. As I backed into the parking spot reserved for thejeepjunkie, I sat in his ride listening to some story on NPR that I found interesting at the time. 

thejeepjunkie comes out and checks out his latest acquisitions and states, "The skirts are the wrong size."  I immediately fire up his new ride and head back on down to those wonderful ladies and their marine shop. 

Upon entry, they both looked up in surprise.  I mentioned thejeepjunkie's observation and one of them grabbed a tape measure, unsure if it was the skirts or the fenders that were wrong.  It turns out it was the fenders that were stored away in the wrong location in the warehouse and we simply swapped them out with both of them apologizing the whole time.  "Don't worry about it," I said, "I know you did it on purpose just so you could see me again!"  They both cracked up laughing and this olelongrooffan bid "ta-ta."

Now, last month this olelongrooffan got to see thejeepjunkie's new toy up close and in person but as it was after dark, no images were able to be captured by my less than perfect image taker.  But know this Counters, it is beautiful.  Dark metallic blue with those black wheels and a shiny new hitchhead.  The lights work all the way around and thejeepjunkie tells me it pulls straight on down the road.

"So jeepjunkie," I asked him, "now that you have this is it kind of like when you got your 2A and the dog who caught the car?  I mean what are you going to do with it?"

"Well, longroof, tomorrow I am going to go pick up my newest toy!"

And he did.

thejeepjunkie had found this cool old U-Haul trailer in the same field he found that beat up flatbed in and talked the owner out of it.

This nice thing about this one is it is perfect to haul behind his yellow CJ2A on the beach trips he makes with thesungoddess, the Kid and the Kid's sister.

Plus, he doesn't need a new tongue for this one!

And knowing thejeepjunkie is such a wheeler dealer and some of that has rubbed off on this olelongrooffan really lets me

Celebrate Life.