Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cadillac? Retro?

First off let this olelongrooffan wish all of those Counting Along With Me a Happy and Prosperous 2011.  I spent the week between Christmas and New Year's  in Fantasyland visiting with friends and family down that way.  I also got treated to lunch by the author of Tamerlane's Thoughts, a blog I follow daily.  It was a great trip but I am glad to be home.

Anyway, last month   during the Turkey Rod Run over Thanksgiving weekend I captured an image of this highly modified Cadillac Sedanette of early to mid 50's vintage.
One thing I have always liked about this design Cadillac was the mini fins and tail lights on the rear of it.  I think it is much more subdued than those in later years.

Well, anyway, when I was down in Fantasyland, I saw a bunch of high end cars and got a glimpse of the rear end of the 2011 Cadillac Sportwagon.
This olelongrooffan was delighted to see the treatment of the rear tail lights on this one echoing the look of the early 50's Sedanette.  I guess there is a sense of history over in the Cadillac Design Studios.

And it is finding cool, obscure sh*t like this that really allows this olelongrooffan a way to

Celebrate Life.

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