Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just Saying

This olelongrooffan is sitting on the front porch of the Taj Mahal enjoying the ocean breeze and watching more
gecko porn, live.

Now, as some of you Counters out there will remember, this olelongrooffan is still without steady employment. Hell, I didn't even make the cut for a Planning Aide position in the Daytona Beach Planning Department. I still meet with Manuel Labor though.

As a consequence of my state of employment, this olelongrooffan made the decision not to run the air conditioner in the massive Taj Mahal this summer. I just can't afford a buck and a half per month for the privilege of cooled air.

It is alright though as there is almost always an ocean breeze here, even though it is regularly in the low 90's with about 80% humidity. I just wear a pair of shorts when around the Taj.

An added bonus is that it just doesn't seem that hot to me.

Well, these interwebs tell me that most of the good ole USA is in the middle of a heat wave and this olelongrooffan empathizes with ya'll but remember these days will be here real soon.

And even though it is hot as h*ll out, remember to

Celebrate Life.

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