Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

This olelongrooffan sure hopes all you Counters Out There are having a safe, fun July 4th weekend. Be sure to hoist a cold one for all those out protecting our freedom to do so!

Sometimes I find the coolest stuff (and sometimes I don't) while surfing around these tubes. I spotted this from Murilee Martin over at Jalopnik.

What does the image below conjure up in your thoughts?
Maybe an old hippie bus? 420? Long hair and full beard? Pabst Blue Ribbon?

Well Counters, based on what is on the rear of it, I would think PBR is the only possible thing on that list.
Yeah, I thought this was pretty cool and had to share it with you.

Have a Great Weekend and remember to

Celebrate Life.

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