Thursday, January 13, 2011

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Today this olelongrooffan was driving home from work and crossing the Main Street drawbridge across the Halifax River/Intercoastal Waterway down in Daytona Beach. Just as I was approaching the the part of the drawbridge that actually draws, the barricade came down and the light turned red signaling to this olelongrooffan that, unless I was feeling like the Blues Brothers, I should probably stop the Comanche, midstream, as it were.

And I did.

Well Counters this olelongrooffan knew it was going to be a wait of considerable time as the huge sailboat the bridge had drawn for was under power via the jib out front and a brisk northerly wind.  I stepped out to stand on the sidewalk of that bridge and just watch it go on by. 

Sorry Counters, no pictures but it did happen. 

The pilot of that vessel as well as his first mate were in the open air portion of that boat and were bundled up in sweaters, jackets, windbreakers, hats and gloves.  They both looked at me as they passed and I gave them a big "thumbs up".  They broke into the same sh*t eating grin I was sporting and then they were gone.

And it made me realize something.

This olelongrooffan is one lucky sum beach.  And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

True, I am grossly underemployed and have pretty much blown through my life savings during my multiple years of un and under employment but those are the only two cr*ppy parts in the life of this olelongrooffan.  And while many would say those are pretty significant things, they are.  But as thejeepjunkie pointed out to this olelongrooffan a long time ago, "Don't worry longroof.  Something will come up for you.  It always does."  And I believe it will.

However, in the meantime, in my quest to Celebrate Life, I seem to find things that are pretty d*mn good for me.

Between my workplace and that drawbridge is the Salvation Army Center.  Today, there were a bunch of bundled up folks out front just waiting for a free meal and maybe a warm place to sleep.  And this olelongrooffan was not one of them.

And on just another, what could have been another mundane, work/home commute, this olelongrooffan got to see that adventurous couple on their beautiful sailboat and possessing their ability to Celebrate Life in the manner they see fit.  And Counters, when was the last time you saw a huge sailboat sailing in international waters with the entire world at their beck and call?

So, after seeing that couple and climbing back into my cool, at least I think so, rare, little pickup truck, as I was driving back to my little bungalow style condo two blocks from the Atlantic Ocean beach, this olelongrooffan got to thinking how great life is for me and about creating this blogpost to share my sense of satisfaction with you Counters, as well as the world in general.

I mean, this olelongrooffan has a roof over my head, a job, a cool means of transport, great friends, family I like a bunch living nearby or just an email or blogpost comment away.  I also have my health, the ability to scrape up a smoke and a coke when desired, and a great 88 year old neighbor who has taken to me like peanut butter and jelly.  Plus, I am a pretty d*mn good cook.

I'm becoming more tech savvy everyday and have the honor of you Counters being in my audience here at By The Numbers as well as my fellow Hoons over at 

Yes, I got to thinking about all the great stuff this olelongrooffan has been able to experience on my quest to Celebrate Life, doing most of it is on a pretty tight budget.  And a couple times a year, I can scrape together a couple bucks to send my landlocked great nieces and nephews a Florida t-shirt.

If you have been Counting Along With Me, you know about all the cool car related cr*p I always get to enjoy and even find by accident.  I know that the "cars" tag here on By The Numbers is the most used one.  And you also will know how much those experiences are enjoyed by this old longrooffan!

Plus when I checked the mail over at that remote mail kiosk, there was a crisp twenty dollar bill inside a cool card from the Bus for a flatbed trailer I had purchased years ago, stored in thejeepjunkie's garage for so long he thought it was his and then stole it back from him to sell on ebay for $20, shipping included.  But the Bus found out it was in the possession of this olelongrooffan and bought before ebay and paypal could get their grubby paws on my sale.  Thanks Bus.

See?  Just another way to Celebrate Life.

Well, that's about it Counters.  Just wanted to share how fortunate I feel in life and this olelongrooffan looks forward to every day and the experiences tomorrow will bring.

This olelongrooffan hopes you Counters do the same and will continue to Count Along With Me as I

Celebrate Life.

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Angel said...

Sometimes the most enjoyable moments in life happen when your heading somewhere else. Unexpected surprises make life all the more fun! Cherish every minute and know you great niece loves getting those shirts from her Uncle Jon Jon!

Love you bunches,
Steph and Jaycee