Friday, September 16, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

You may remember thehorsefarmer and thebarngoddess from their mention in some of my previous posts here on By The Numbers.

Well while this olelongrooffan was working my sweet *ss off out there in the Mile High City, thehorsefarmer and thebarngoddess

decided to quite making decisions like this one, sell all their farm stuff and move to sunny Florida, the retirement mecca of the eastern United States.  Technically, they aren't retired yet. thehorsefarmer is still pulling a post Navy retirement stint with the VA institution up there in the oldest city in North America

Yeah, a major life changing decision to vacate this big ole garage, 4x4 diesel Bow Tie (they still have another one with six wheels) and that sweet gen 1 Bronco and join three of his brothers down here in the Sunshine State.

I think it was the day on the beach back in April that really sealed the deal for them.

Oh yeah, the title of this post? These previously made decisions did not prompt me to name this post "Decisions, Decisions".

You see earlier this evening thehorsefarmer called this olelongrooffan to invite me to lunch on the morrow down here in the Birthplace of Speed. And of course, the quasi absent minded TheGentlemanFarmer look alike called me back just a few minutes later to ask about certain siblings birthdates.

As we were finishing up that conversation, he mentioned he had yet another serious decision to make.

"longroof, I can't decide if I want to crack open a beer or fix myself a gin and tonic."

Yeah, honest to God true story and I thank thehorsefarmer for cracking my blog writer's block I have been recently suffering with by offering up that comment.

And as much as I am looking forward to seeing them tomorrow, once this olelongrooffan is able to come up with some new, now more appropriate names for thebarngoddess and thehorsefarmer, then there will really be a reason to

Celebrate Life.


Anonymous said...

As long as the words:
Old, Blue hair, sloepoke, or short" don't play in,

well we'll see after our 55 mph trip in the morrow.......

Busplunge said...

just remember to turn off your blinker.

Oh, you got it on because eventually you're going to make a left turn?

PvtRN and I heading off to StL tomorrow in the Airstream.

Looking forward to a road trip!

Horse-farmer said...

Blinker???? what'sablinker????
Is it that handle thing they took off our steering column when we crossed the Alabama-Florida line?????

yeah good one on the blinker.....

have fun in STL, sometime when the PvtRn gets time off, come on down in that big silver house, we'll save a place next to ours....

post on yr blog about the trip..

tomleemo, now of florida fame, maybe