Saturday, May 14, 2011

Just For thejeepjunkie and the Bus

Last weekend there was an absolutely freeking awesome car show down here in Daytona Beach.  I mean there was everything from a 1924 Studebaker Ambulance to a rare Alfa Romeo Balocco to a couple vintage tractors to a honest to God Can-Am race car. Over a thousand vehicles!

Well, in addition to all that cool stuff, there was a whole bunch more, including the flat fender Willys section.

When thejeepjunkie arrived to hook up with this olelongrooffan, almost the first question out of his mouth, after checking out the race cars, was "where are the jeeps?"  Down the street just north of Orange Avenue.  And he was off.  I meandered down to hook up with him in the jeep area and captured a few images for him and for those of you Counting Along With Me.  And a bonus video at the end.

Now, having owned my primitive olestationbus and driven thejeepjunkie's yellow CJ2A, Willys flat fenders are nice to look at but I'd rather have mine flat fender a Mercedes.

with a Mercedes automatic and air conditioning.

I did spot a rare CJ3B in desert colors.

I guess George Dexter was all over Europe and Africa during the big one.

And as I arrived, the parade was getting ready to head out.

One of the spectators asking the woman in the driver's seat of this Willys if she drove it or was she just sitting in it?  Well, Counters, she drove that sweet old Willys in that parade that later happened for thejeepjunkie and this olelongrooffan.

And hers had the owner's manual on  the dashboard!

Sweet Command Car with a closed cab truck in the background.  All of these vehicles belong to one older gentleman who looked like he could have driven them back in the day.  And based on the enthusiasm demonstrated by the younger dudes and dudettes providing assistance to him, these beauties will be around for some time.

Now for the video.  Yes, that is thejeepjunkie telling the passengers that those straps are not seatbelts but the doors on that Command Car.  Yes, he is a Lee.

I hope my fellow Counters were able to enjoy a bit of this show as I did that Saturday as I was able to
Celebrate Life.

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nice lot of jeeps and stuff.