Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Art of The Automotive Lifestyle Car Show, Part 1

As this olelongrooffan mentioned here, I stumbled on an absolutely awe inspiring car show a couple weeks ago.  I mean I have been to many car shows over the years and they all are pretty cool but this one had over a thousand vehicles in it and the diversity was astounding.

I mean Counters, just check out the variety here

An 80's era El Camino with '57 Chevy panels attached.

A Meyers-Manx dune buggy

A Series II Jaguar XKE

A late '60 Ford Ranchero and yes, that is a Cadillac Allante in the background.

A rare chrome bumper Triumph TR6.

A 70's era Lincoln Versailles

A vintage, and highly desirable, Toyota FJ Land Cruiser.

A '63 or '64 Pontiac Bonneville convertible

with these awesome wheels!

A 1959 Triumph TR3A.

The rare CJ2A around these here parts thejeepjunkie hasn't or doesn't own!

And this olelongrooffan has not even left the parking lot yet!

Man, I was able, that day, to have a blast and

Celebrate Life.


Anonymous said...

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Rico said...

The Bonneville is a '64.

Just jumped in from CC. Looks nice over here!


Used Cars said...

Excellent pieces. Keep posting such kind of photos on your blog.

Arlyne Nelms said...

You’re right with your assessment that that Toyota FJ is very desirable. I’m actually impressed with how this one looks here for it was well-maintained. The roof and door were not present, which happens to be the look that many used to desire for. Overall, this collection is awesome!

Arlyne Nelms

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