Friday, January 15, 2010

Another Example of "Why Did I Sell That Car?"

Last month, when Hemmings did a blog about the Lee Clan and their cars, I forwarded a copy of that to my buddy, TomK, actually Thomas Kruempelstaedter, yeah, TomK, the newly retired Head of Architecture for Arthur Rutenberg Homes over in Clearwater, just west of Tampa, Florida.

I first met TomK when I was working with the Big Tomato, as referred to a short ways into this post, at the Big Tomato's ARH franchise down in FantasyLand, yeah, in that link is just one of TomK's many designs. We hit it off pretty well and I immensely respect his talent and this olelongrooffan is honored he has chosen, via these tubes, to stay in touch over the years since I left that organization.

Not only that, but based on his looks and personality, he could be one of TheGentlemanFarmer's brothers.

Anyway, at the time, TomK responded with the above image of him and his first car, a 1958 MGA and I saved it trying to figure how it would work its way onto By The Numbers.

Well, Counters, this evening this olelongrooffan received an email from TomK containing the following link and I think you will understand the title of this post when you follow that link.

This is the link I am talking about.

And enjoying another 15 seconds of fame for TomK and just sharing this stuff lets me continue to

Celebrate Life.


The CDM said...

Dad had an Austin Healy Sprite. Every once in a while he takes that story down, knocks the dust off of it and retells his times of driving it.

click here said...

go to craigslist springfield, mo, do a search on MGA. there's one for sale for 2000.