Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fickle Fay

As some of you might be aware, we, here in Florida, are all keeping an eye on this little thing called Tropical Storm Fay. I won't go as far a to call her a thunderstorm, as my French Texas friend did last month here.

She came ashore, this morning, down near Naples and is slooooowly working her way up the center of the peninsula of Florida moving north to northeast. As of this writing, she is near Sebring, Florida, most famous, at least to me, for this.

All is well down that way. I spoke to Jessica and her mom, to Carri and a couple other friends and to them it was just a lot of rain and wind.

Earlier today, I headed out to the beach to check out the waves and saw that, while the surf is up, it wasn't so bad.

I then headed down to that ever growing store that BBB protects, halfway expect to see him while Fickle Fay is around, to pick up some perishable food for future consumption in my home.

Now Charlie Crist, our Governor, newly engaged, and spending alot of time with a certain presidential candidate, along with the Centers for Disease Control (why them?), have listed all of the supplies needed for hurricane preparedness.

On that proffered list is a first aid kit and

at least 3-5 days of non perishable food. To my household, that is a year's worth.

And the jeep junkie in his blog, mentioned he is prepared as well.

So, I figured I would check my hurricane supplies.

Other than the fact that glass is not full, all is well here.

A little later, I went back to the beach to check out the conditions. The waves had risen considerably. I am curious to see it at high tide in the morning.

Caught this guy kite boarding and asked the, obviously, local couple next to me on the boardwalk if they had heard about the dude down in Fort Lauderdale who was doing this and got caught in a gust and smashed into the side of a hotel. They had. It seems we Floridiots pay attention when Mother Nature is flexing her biceps. Yeah, that kite boarding is a young man's sport.

The palms were a blowing.

The last couple days, I have seen several sign companies out and about, putting these straps on signs, here Beachside. It wasn't until I was driving home tonite I figured out why. It is to hold the signs in place in high winds. That is something previously unknown to me. Seems like they lose a lot of revenue that way, though.

So as I was driving down A1A toward the Taj Mahal, I got to thinking, what works for signs will work for the olestationbus.

With my hurricane supplies and that olestationbus firmly tethered in place, come on Fickle Fay, let's see what ya got.


Anonymous said...

In the midst of all the tensions re Fay, and #6 & 9, I saw this picture, and couldn't stop laughing.
Way to go kid, don't let the ole long roof get away from ya.

Hope it misses you and Jeep junkie's family.


Anonymous said...

Funny post, the last pix cracked me up. My friend Jetpacks says that pre-hurricane wxr makes for decent waves and great body boarding action.

Busplunge said...

you made me laugh with the longroof tied to the tree!

Ganey had a great Uncle Ben who used to chain his truck to his ankle when he went to bed so no one would steal it.

I did a post about him and Aunt Claire once. The truck is the one in the photo here.

d5thouta5 said...

well I am glad to see that you are able to follow the instructions of our fearless leader of our great state when he said that if you wanted to keep it, tie it down....great photo....thinking of forwarding it to a couple of magazines....I'm thinking that the cute blond I married won't be having a beach day this weekend...

d5thouta5 said...

didn't see the photo of your hurricane supplies....looks like you have taken BBB's advice in this regard....I remember his story of shopping for charlie... walked down an isle with beer on one side and H2O on the other...he bought beer figuring that beer already had water in it and the kids needed the crystal springs....

The CDM said...

Fancy emergency brake on that longroof.