Friday, May 8, 2015

Collecting Only Memories and Photographs

I am interested in speaking with you about the old cars you have around these here parts. I am not here to buy them, part them out or steal anything from them. I am only interested in the memories you have of them and sharing those stories with like minded folks. How did you come about owning this one or that one? How much did you pay for it? Who did you buy it from? Where was it before it came into your possession? There are plenty of great stories out here in the wild and most people never have an opportunity to hear them. Through this series of articles I hope to bring these stories to our fellow Car Guys as well as to the Youngsters of Today who may never have a chance to hear about that old car or truck or tractor otherwise. With many of our youth more interested in electronic devices than in automobiles, I figure that by publishing these stories on the internet, more of our youth, and maybe even some old timers will find them and become intrigued by the opportunity to read more about them. My intent is to publish these on main stream sites such as as well as on my personal site By The Numbers, I will follow your lead as to how much personal information you wish to disclose with regard to your name, address, license plate coverage, etc. I only ask that you share what I am sure are to be fascinating stories about your cool rides, whether stationery or capable of motoring at high speeds. In the meantime, thanks for your time and feel free to contact me anytime at to set up a get together to chat it up about your cool old ride. Thanks. John

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