Saturday, May 26, 2012

"Happy Decoration Day"

So, last year thehorsefarmer and his gorgeous wife, thebarngoddess, relocated to the Nation's Oldest City, this olelongrooffan thinks thehorsefarmer just wanted to be closer to the Fountain of Youth. Anyway, they have taken to the Florida lifestyle very nicely. thebarngoddess loves the beach and thehorsefarmer rides his bike all around even in the depths of winter.

We get to see each other often and they always treat me to a rare restaurant meal. thebarngoddess always tells me that I cannot order fish, "You need to eat something that will put meat on your bones." I love her for that and so much more.

Well anyway, this olelongrooffan really thought they were going to make some d*mn fine representatives of the Sunshine State until yesterday.

You see, down here in the southeast we have these little things called tropical depressions and hurricanes to deal with. It's okay though, those of us who have been here for a while know to just stock up on hurricane supplies and ride the storm out.

Well, Tropical Storm Beryl is threatening the southeast coast this weekend and what does thehorsefarmer do?

Well the scaredy cat that he is, he hooks up his big*ssed truck to his

big*ssed trailer and scoots it on out of town under the disguise of "I need to go the Ozarks to pick up thelittleprincess so she can spend a few weeks down here." Yeah, right horsefarmer. This olelongrooffan believes ya. Seriously I do.

However, I am certain those of you Counting Along With Me know that this olelongrooffan has properly

stocked up on the necessary hurricane supplies and I am ready to share aps and tales with Beryl.

And know this weekend we all will

Celebrate Life.

And remember Those Who Gave Everything for all of us.


Anonymous said...

SEE this old man ain't so dumb after all.
Yep, but got to tell you, it sure is a long haul, 1,064 miles, 106 gallons of deisel, and a lot of driving.
But we made it save and sound. Leaving behind all that hurricane stuff, arrived just in time to see weather report here is for severe thunderstorms in the next day or two.
Guess we'll have to head north to see the kids up there before the storms hit.
Love it though....
but I htinks I needs a bigger truck, that trailer is a load on my little mule.
later dude.

Busplunge said...

The Skye is falling, the Skye is falling!

Where are the olives?

Recently my beverage of choice has been orange flavored vodka and orange juice.

The PVT RN bought some whipped cream flavored vodka. meh.