Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yeah, I've Been Busy

Well, maybe not so busy as just uninspired. Since returning from the Mile High City at the beginning of September, the highest point, and it was high, of my life was the day just last week thebeachgoddess came down and we spent it together just screwing around.  (Thanks again T & V)

Well, Counters, as the end of hurricane season is upon us, this olelongrooffan is gonna take a respite from those supplies,quit spending nearly every waking moment on these tubes and take the time to read a few old school books for a change. I have several around I have been meaning to get to and now I'm going to take that opportunity.

Plus not a whole h*lluva lot of cool stuff, at least to me, has been happening around these here parts lately. But don't worry, Biketoberfest starts in a week and a half, the Daytona Dream cruise follows two weeks later and the Turkey Run two weeks after that.

I'm still around but just will have my nose in an old school book and work on trying to find something to do employmentwise. This olelongrooffan has been searching high and low for meaningful employment, three and a half years now, and having no luck. Although thebeachbiker did send me a link to a job opportunity in Gauntanamo Bay, Cuba. God knows submitting 350+ web based applications isn't doing it for me.

To paraphrase something Einstein once said, 'Continuing to do things in the same unsuccessful manner and expecting different results is insanity.'

And as much as there are many who believe this olelongrooffan is insane, sometimes I even agree, "something'll come up, it always does."

Don't worry though, this olelongrooffan will still

Celebrate Life.

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